Thursday, April 28, 2011

Todays Post Brought to you by....


Zachary would like you all to know that he loves his hockey socks.

They are:
-Very comfy
-"SOOOO warm"
-"feel like slippers!"
- "too nice, and too warm" to wear in everyday shoes.

 What a sweetie!

If you can't tell from the picture he's been pulling on the ankle of one in agony as he waits for his team to score. So at least we know they are getting worn a lot. Particularly during every playoff game the Washington Capitals play.

They are much loved.

I'm, quite honestly, all a twitter.

Now I just have to convince him he really DOES need more.
*evil laugh*


  1. Keep making them, they'll get used I bet. Hand knit socks are so worth it. (I wonder why I never wear mine? hmmmm)

  2. I think you're bonkers for wanting to make mammoth-sized socks again... but I'm glad Zachary likes them so much!