Monday, April 25, 2011

A handy little skill

So I've been diligently reading all your wonderful bloggies, and I'm noticing a trend. Must be the time of year? But you all seem to have a TON OF ENDS to weave in.

I think its time for me to share a little secret. You're wasting your time peoplez! You can be weaving in ends AS YOU KNIT (you can as you crochet, too, I'll 'splain, just'sec).

I'm sharing this little life-changing video with all of you because you've missed out, and I hate to see you all suffer so.

For the knittering:

For the crocheting:
I refer you to this handy dandy little article on Crochet Spot. Because, in the nature of saving time, why repost when someone's done the work? here you are:
Reduce that end weaving!

So stop hunting for all your darning needles! You don't need them until the very end! (or for splicing, if you're doing the one color thing, but this works just as well if you don't feel like a splice)

Happy crafting!


  1. Neat trick! I like it. And will probably use it, so I don't kill something when the melonstrosity is done...

  2. I like the little grape sheep! :)

  3. Excellent tips for future ends . . . now I just need a way to make the currently dangling ends go away.

  4. Very cool! Thanks for posting the link.

  5. I do this trick too! Good post!

  6. Life is a lot easier if you get things over with and don't wait! LOL! Hope things go well today, keep us posted. ((hugs))