Wednesday, April 6, 2011


note to self...
you are in college. if you yell that at your professor after an exam, not only will you get "that look", but your mother will not be able to call and dig you out of yet another "situation" because you didn't keep your thought to yourself.

note to the professor?
DUDE. If you put something on the review sheet EIGHT TIMES, I will learn it. I promise. If you mention, in passing, a "fun" algorithim one can use in database searches for some archane amino acid thing, and suggest its just interesting, and not NEED TO KNOW INFO, I won't. I think this is pretty reasonable. I'm sorry you disagree, but I bet everyone gets that question wrong on the test. As a small side note? That "fun fact" was not worth 30 of 100 points. Just saying.

My sister says I use "dude" more and more frequently the angrier I get. Anyone else have this problem?

If you're in a college class, you probably shouldn't inform your professor, prior to final grade submission, that just because he has an M.D. does not mean he can write an effective test. Heads up on that one, in case you run into this little problem.

In other news...I might've gone a little sock crazy? 5 new pairs in one evening is probably an indication of being too stressed.

I then put those down and did some spinning. I made it through 2 grams before I moved on. Pattern design at 2am is not suggested.

I finally gave up and did some weaving.

It may not look like much to you, but if you recall the last time you saw that I was at the beginning of the (omgneverending) goldenish colored section, I finished all the yellowy for the time being and am now to the blues. That amount you see there between the blue and the bottom yellow stripe? I wove about 2x that length.

If you are thinking about getting a loom, know this. It is not a "stash buster". It is a "space eater" and also a "big knitting distraction".  But it is really quite a bit of fun. I wouldn't give that floor space back for the world.

I'm off to see if I can catch some Zzzzzz's (yes, its spelled like that because you really hold that sound before you stick the s on, makes it sound like some sort of sickness, if you knit, you know). I haven't been to bed since yesterday...sorry if this is rambly-er than usual. and also for the made up words...and the worse than normal grammar. and the lack of using that shift button at the end here.

what was i doing?

oh yeah. sleep!

PS-if you don't read Franklin Habit, go look up muffatee. It's going to be my new swearword, I don't care if that's not the correct use.

PPS-if you didn't know, knitty is up.

PPPS-remind me to show you my new decoration, Owl-ette Koolaidsskin. Lily made him, I think you will like the use I put him to.

PPPPS-I hope, if I am ever depicted in yarn (cute laughter) that no one makes my nose this big:
Royal Wedding


  1. 5 new pairs of socks?! WTF, dude? And yes, I get the overuse of the word dude. Actually, I usually come up with other words to use. Especially curse words. Cuz I'm not allowed to curse at work. It gets kind of entertaining sometimes.

    Also, what did you do with the owl?! I think it's kind of unfair that you went to take a nap before I could ask you.

  2. It's all better than bitch-slapping people. Usually. FYI--Franklin has the cutest little tush!

  3. Oh, I hope you get some rest, sounds like you need a break for sure! You're sure keeping pretty darn busy. I barely have one sock going and some spinning that seems to be taking absolutely fricken FOREVER. I don't know if I'll EVER get to ply this, it just goes on and on. I've thought about a loom, I have friends that love them, but all that work prepping makes me tired just thinking about it! :P
    Take care and get some sleep!

  4. Dude, that's my overused word too! And professors like that are exactly why I don't get my education in a classroom anymore.

  5. OMG, when I was in college, I took this non-western art history class (that I never went to and failed, because I took ambien for panic attacks at 2 am and it was at 8 am) where one of the questions on the final was "What is the name of the brother of the man who made this bowl?" SERIOUSLY?! I guessed "Buddha?" I was not correct. (I reserve the right to write a post about this. =P)

  6. I probably would have answered something like "steve" or "bob" or "waiit wait waiit, he had a brother?!"