Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Summery Project

When I was turning up the AC to the "arctic" setting so I could wear my new sweater around the house (pattern pending), I realized it was probably time for a more summer-appropriate garment.

So I pulled out a little goodie I got at the wool-fest. (if you can't tell, I got a little goody-happy at the fest-i-val).

It's the Delilah Sun Hat from the Knitting Fairy.

With only one, and not even the entire one, skein of Acero fom Brooks Farm Yarn in dark purple, and a little effort, I have, for you to behold:

A freshly blocking sun hat!

The pattern was delightfully simple and quick. You should most DEFINATELY give it a shot if you like sun-hats. I can't wait to wear mine by the pool!

I only have a tidgen left!

I'm supposed to cram the weed whacker cord in the little tube I made at the edging there, and I think thats all that's going in there, despite my best efforts. After it's done blocking I get to melt it into a final tube and cram the rest in there. Believe me, I won't exclude you from that adventure.

For now I'm off to be sure Aimee stops pulling the pins out of it and hiding them in her bed.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Goblins did it

I have been procrastinating this post for two reasons.
1) I couldn't find the camera attachment so I could post photos
2) I couldn't find the camera

Once I tracked both of those down, which took 4 days, I couldn't find the items for photo-ing.

I swear, I live with small goblins who steal things ONLY when I am looking for them or needing them.

Anyways, without further ado, I give to you
The Comfy Sweater of Cozy Goodness

(you'll note my little helper in the bottom left corner there)
It doesn't look like much here, but it's made from luscious, ultrafine merino, and its just big enough to be cozy, but not so big it makes you look like you're wearing a potato sack. Or your significant others over-sized-for-you clothes. It is also the first sweater I have ever designed, and the first I have ever made that fit. PERFECTLY. I loves it.

In case the whole click-to-embiggen thing didn't give you enough cably-detail I give you a zoomed version:

I made it using 16 skeins of Karabella Aurora Bulky in lovely color # 32. Which I am referring to as "foggy grey" because it makes me think of a cold foggy morning.

If you want the pattern holler and I'll write something up, but it's not super fancy and I bet you money you could figure it out on your own!

My mother's requested a version for herself in red....

I've started my tour-de-fleece a little early since Zach and I will be out of town for a big hunk of days in there, and I want to finish my goals, which I set a while ago.

They are as follows:
1) spin up huge 7 oz bump of electric-blue goodness that is unknown fiber A
2) spin up 16 oz bag of alpaca-silk
3) make a smidgen of progress on evil silk of doom.

I'd show you this stuff now....but I suck. And then what would you read during the time I'm gone over Tour-de-fleece? Really..sillys!

I've already started writing up posts to go live during then so you will for sure not get ignored.

Anyways, Aimee and I are off to weave...or something..

PS-The beast is still in time-out, I'll explain later.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Google never fails...

To impress.

I was going to regale you with some yarny tale...but found out that if you google "Alpaca Butt" and then click the Images portion of your can get a direct link to the yarn harlot.

Is that the indicator that you've finally made it in the knitting world?

The sweater progress-eth.

I have also finally caved and purchased some's self striping...and wonderful...and...erm...woops?

I tripped and fell and clicked purchase, yeahhh that's it.

Your bum for the day:

It's "DONT SHOOT ME" orange. One of my favorite colors. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's itchy!

See, even they think mohair itches:

They'll bite off their bums to get out of it!

There are a lot of things I'd bite my bum off to get out of....

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Monday Monday

I wish I could give you a glorious progress report on all my knitting....but alas there is not one.
The beast is still in exile, but I have purchased more yarn for to finish.
The sweater of wonderful ness has a completed body, I am adding the ribbing on the bottom, and then I will start on the sleeve.

So I will bamboozle you with alpaca bums..again. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Call of the Alpaca

I know I told you I'd show you wool-fest photos....I promise, I'll get to them soonish. Especially now that they're on the computer.

(Note: Recall that when you're dealing with me, soonish could be a while, so don't panic if its not tomorrow)

The Beast has....stalled? I think thats the best way to put it.

It's in time out, I'm taking small glee in stepping on it forcefully every time I walk past the couch. Good thing it's yarn or we'd have problems.

I got a bad case of poncho lust. (STOP SHRIEKING I'M NOT DONE TALKING YET!)

It's okay though, because I only lust after the yarn and cables in the pattern. I too, do not like ponchos so much. I think it may be the whole gasp-I'm-tangled-in-my-clothing thing. (this is also one reason why I don't have a snuggie) Lily and I were having a yarn crawl and I was touching on this poncho, and it was made out of the most lucsious stuff on earth.

Karabella-Aurora Bulky, ZOMG merino. It's fantasticial.

30 skeins later...I'm now inventing a raglan sweater! WOOT!
Based on this pattern. No worries if you're not on Ravelry (by the way, you should get on that, it's really worth it), this is an outside link.

I worked on that bad boy for most of yesterday, and I'm at the "hmmm, I've never made a sweater what do i do? does this look right? let me go check my books" phase.

It's still pretty fabulous.

After deciding I wasn't in the mood to put it on a string to see if it fit my basoomers-area yet, I was sitting here staring at the beast feeling dejected....

when the dog started sniffing the goodies from wool fest, and a little sparkly caught my eyes. (this happens a lot, there's a reason we refer to me as "The Magpie")

Out of a purple bag, this was peeking:

(Okay it was only out of the bag if you're standing directly over it staring down, so sue me)

It is 2 lovely oz of Suri Alpaca from Earthly Treasures of Dvar (that may not be totally right but I'm referring what the card says, and the link DOES work)

check out the little sparklies that are combed in there! DONT YOU LOVE THEM!?!?!

Hem hem..sorry.

It's now this:

I'm going to let it rest on the bobbin for a day then I think it will become a lovely two ply...although I might leave it as singles and just admire it forever. We'll see.

On to find something else to do! Maybe I'll string up that sweater and try it on again. I do so love when the dog stares at me like I'm crazy. Which me trying this sweater on definitely causes. She looks concerned for my health every time I put it on.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Quick Fix

If you are too cheap lazy poor do not live near a yarn store that carries size S tunisian crochet hooks (19mm, if you use that system) not panic.

I have been using the size S lion brand from WalMart, and frustration abounds. The border on this monster (the beast) is about a 18", the hook is about 8".  This means that I have been smooshing all those stitches on to that tiny plastic hook. This makes for slow progress.

The slow progress? Makes for hair pulling-outting.

I'd had it, thrown it down, walked away. BUT I MUST FINISH.

Turns out if you have some duct-tape and the next nearest size hook down you can make your hook longer:

Problem: SOLVED

Note: you might want to pad the smaller hook with paper towels, to reduce wiggle-osity.
Note the second: don't worry about stickies on your hooks. Just use plastic ones. Then remove stickies with goo-gone. :) I tested it, its totally okay.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Status: I am still alive, honestly.

Nope really, not dead.

I've been spending (more or less) all my "spare time" working on the beast.

Last week I was 79 days behind.

As of yesterday, the center? It's DONE.

That's right. Done.

I'm working on the border now.

It may never be finished.

The dog still loves it, she's not been killed yet. I still loves it (mostly), I've not died yet.
Everyone's happy.

Coincidentally, the AC in my house only works in the one spot where I knit, turns out blankets are now the ideal summer project. Otherwise, I'dve frozen to death this weekend.

As part of the "I really wish that didn't look like crap" initiative, there are currently no photos to be shared.

I was going to doodle you up something, but erm....I suck?

I did go to Estes Wool this weekend, it was lovely, I'll do a nice big post about it. As soon as I dig out from under the 70 pounds of yarn we're currently calling a blanket.

So I leave you with this thought:

C-"Lillian, I'm positive that victorian lace is over here, the lady said it was"
L-"Why not ask?"
C-"Lets just keep looking"

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


All blog silence is the sole fault of Aimee Dog, who is very entertaining, but also high maintenance.

Plus she wears me out....

It's been a while, let me update you.

Non Knitting-
I broke my finger while exercising, it's embarassing, but not too painful. Blame Jillian Michaels...

The dog eats butter, plain.
The dog still eats curtains.
The dog can blow bubbles in her water dish, and drink from a straw.
All these things, I find amazing.

The dogs (my Aimee, and Sugar of...well..sugarness) get along well, if there are no treats involved/nearby which Sugar (read GIANT HOG) wants to eat:

My parents brought me back some most excellent yarns from their trip to Canada:
(hang on, I swear I remember how to post photos...oh wait, must go take one!)

they went Mouline Yarns, and had lots of lovely things to say about the store. They were most impressed. Thank you to Mouline Yarns for helping my mom find some good scarf yarn, and for impressing my dad. It means a lot. :) They found you very knowledgable and quite fun. My mom regrets not getting a picture with you, this is how much they loved you.

I got 3 skeins of diamond Luxury Collection Baby alpaca  in color 1023 (lovely reddish brown, like silt) for a scarf for my mother. Sam demonstrated her purchase of this yarn...I'll snap a picture of this demonstration for later blogging, maybe....

I also got 2 skeins of *SQUEE* Camel Hair. It's ridiculously soft. I loves it.

I also got 2 skeins of malabrigo worsted in Caribeno, which I have been looking for for EONS...

...wait a minute...

why is there only one skein of malabrigo in that photo?!

hold on please.....

::much rushing about house ensues, in which dog is not findable::
::return to computer flustered::
::find this::

Do you see what aimee is holding there?

No? Still eluding you?

Let me zoom in for you

At least she has good taste?

I'd show you some things I've been knitting on, but its just the beast. I've added a row of color (WOO!) while bribing the dog with toys so I can work on it.

When it's done I hope to work on....
okay well I haven't decided yet, but I'm getting there, I swear.