Sunday, June 26, 2011

Goblins did it

I have been procrastinating this post for two reasons.
1) I couldn't find the camera attachment so I could post photos
2) I couldn't find the camera

Once I tracked both of those down, which took 4 days, I couldn't find the items for photo-ing.

I swear, I live with small goblins who steal things ONLY when I am looking for them or needing them.

Anyways, without further ado, I give to you
The Comfy Sweater of Cozy Goodness

(you'll note my little helper in the bottom left corner there)
It doesn't look like much here, but it's made from luscious, ultrafine merino, and its just big enough to be cozy, but not so big it makes you look like you're wearing a potato sack. Or your significant others over-sized-for-you clothes. It is also the first sweater I have ever designed, and the first I have ever made that fit. PERFECTLY. I loves it.

In case the whole click-to-embiggen thing didn't give you enough cably-detail I give you a zoomed version:

I made it using 16 skeins of Karabella Aurora Bulky in lovely color # 32. Which I am referring to as "foggy grey" because it makes me think of a cold foggy morning.

If you want the pattern holler and I'll write something up, but it's not super fancy and I bet you money you could figure it out on your own!

My mother's requested a version for herself in red....

I've started my tour-de-fleece a little early since Zach and I will be out of town for a big hunk of days in there, and I want to finish my goals, which I set a while ago.

They are as follows:
1) spin up huge 7 oz bump of electric-blue goodness that is unknown fiber A
2) spin up 16 oz bag of alpaca-silk
3) make a smidgen of progress on evil silk of doom.

I'd show you this stuff now....but I suck. And then what would you read during the time I'm gone over Tour-de-fleece? Really..sillys!

I've already started writing up posts to go live during then so you will for sure not get ignored.

Anyways, Aimee and I are off to weave...or something..

PS-The beast is still in time-out, I'll explain later.


  1. I think the unidentified fiber is merino. But not the nice, luscious stuff that you can get from the RL. But I could be wrong... Those are some excellent goals, though. I applaud them. And recollect that I should get on my goal list for the Tour de Fleece as well. Poo.

  2. It's gorgeous! You should write up the pattern for Ravelry.

  3. Goblins or dogs? Seems to me that dogs and two legged roomies (or sometimes exploding belongings) are generally to blame for missing stuff. :)

  4. That sweater is awesome! Great job! I'm so jealous... :-p