Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Quick Fix

If you are too cheap lazy poor do not live near a yarn store that carries size S tunisian crochet hooks (19mm, if you use that system)...do not panic.

I have been using the size S lion brand from WalMart, and frustration abounds. The border on this monster (the beast) is about a 18", the hook is about 8".  This means that I have been smooshing all those stitches on to that tiny plastic hook. This makes for slow progress.

The slow progress? Makes for hair pulling-outting.

I'd had it, thrown it down, walked away. BUT I MUST FINISH.

Turns out if you have some duct-tape and the next nearest size hook down you can make your hook longer:

Problem: SOLVED

Note: you might want to pad the smaller hook with paper towels, to reduce wiggle-osity.
Note the second: don't worry about stickies on your hooks. Just use plastic ones. Then remove stickies with goo-gone. :) I tested it, its totally okay.


  1. You are such a McGyver. Too bad Cheryl doesn't carry such large tunisian crochet hooks, though...