Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Schools kicking my ass.

Zach has officially moved to Australia (which is sucking the fun right out of things, despite the whole being apart fiasco)

Aimee LOVES THE SNOW, which would be great if it meant i didn't have to stand out there in it for hours while she gallivanted.

My knitting is lagging...

I'm off to nap. I promise something more up beat next time.

Love you all, hope you're enjoying the snow, if you have any, and that you're enjoying the fact that you're running out of time to knit christmas gifts!

Monday, October 17, 2011



At this point I'm a leetel worried about how they'll fit, they seem a tidge tight.

I'm hoping blocking will help loosen them some. Either way they're GOING to fit because i refuse to frog. Just saying,.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Midterms make me do bad bad things....

Just ask Aimee.

Or should I say "Mademoiselle le Bee"?


Monday, October 3, 2011

take THAT

oops, deleted the first try. here we go again....

So I was digging through my old WIPs in the attempt to avoid the haruni....and I came across the bead bracelet that has been half finished for around 3 years...woops?

Since I had a ton of studying to do, I sat down and finished the bracelet.

It's bead crochet. What you do is load a ton of beads on some thread, then go to town with the slip stitches until you've decided your rope is long enough. I'm sure, via google, you can find some handy dandy instructions if you're so inclined.

Then, you whip out a teensy tinsy needle and some thread, and sew that baby up. If you only have white, like I did, but you need black, DONT PANIC! It's okay, just color it black with a permanent marker first!

At this point, even if it is midnight, you should wear that little sucker proudly around the house.

Go on, wave it in the dog's face. You know she cares too!

Well okay, maybe not.