Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Call of the Alpaca

I know I told you I'd show you wool-fest photos....I promise, I'll get to them soonish. Especially now that they're on the computer.

(Note: Recall that when you're dealing with me, soonish could be a while, so don't panic if its not tomorrow)

The Beast has....stalled? I think thats the best way to put it.

It's in time out, I'm taking small glee in stepping on it forcefully every time I walk past the couch. Good thing it's yarn or we'd have problems.

I got a bad case of poncho lust. (STOP SHRIEKING I'M NOT DONE TALKING YET!)

It's okay though, because I only lust after the yarn and cables in the pattern. I too, do not like ponchos so much. I think it may be the whole gasp-I'm-tangled-in-my-clothing thing. (this is also one reason why I don't have a snuggie) Lily and I were having a yarn crawl and I was touching on this poncho, and it was made out of the most lucsious stuff on earth.

Karabella-Aurora Bulky, ZOMG merino. It's fantasticial.

30 skeins later...I'm now inventing a raglan sweater! WOOT!
Based on this pattern. No worries if you're not on Ravelry (by the way, you should get on that, it's really worth it), this is an outside link.

I worked on that bad boy for most of yesterday, and I'm at the "hmmm, I've never made a sweater what do i do? does this look right? let me go check my books" phase.

It's still pretty fabulous.

After deciding I wasn't in the mood to put it on a string to see if it fit my basoomers-area yet, I was sitting here staring at the beast feeling dejected....

when the dog started sniffing the goodies from wool fest, and a little sparkly caught my eyes. (this happens a lot, there's a reason we refer to me as "The Magpie")

Out of a purple bag, this was peeking:

(Okay it was only out of the bag if you're standing directly over it staring down, so sue me)

It is 2 lovely oz of Suri Alpaca from Earthly Treasures of Dvar (that may not be totally right but I'm referring what the card says, and the link DOES work)

check out the little sparklies that are combed in there! DONT YOU LOVE THEM!?!?!

Hem hem..sorry.

It's now this:

I'm going to let it rest on the bobbin for a day then I think it will become a lovely two ply...although I might leave it as singles and just admire it forever. We'll see.

On to find something else to do! Maybe I'll string up that sweater and try it on again. I do so love when the dog stares at me like I'm crazy. Which me trying this sweater on definitely causes. She looks concerned for my health every time I put it on.


  1. Hey, don't apologize for the ponchos. I love ponchos and one of these days I'm going to make one for myself.

  2. If you're feeling spry... there's a crocheted poncho on Ravelry that calls for any scraps or little leftover balls from your stash. That could be pretty interesting...

  3. I do not remember you purchasing that fiber at the wool-fest... at all. What's with that? Also, I know what you mean about feeling the need to start something else. I, personally, am gonna vomit if I work one more row on those damn sweater sleeves. Yes, those ones. Argh. Anyway, carry on. Everything you're working on seems so much lovelier than what I'm working on. :-)