Wednesday, June 8, 2011


All blog silence is the sole fault of Aimee Dog, who is very entertaining, but also high maintenance.

Plus she wears me out....

It's been a while, let me update you.

Non Knitting-
I broke my finger while exercising, it's embarassing, but not too painful. Blame Jillian Michaels...

The dog eats butter, plain.
The dog still eats curtains.
The dog can blow bubbles in her water dish, and drink from a straw.
All these things, I find amazing.

The dogs (my Aimee, and Sugar of...well..sugarness) get along well, if there are no treats involved/nearby which Sugar (read GIANT HOG) wants to eat:

My parents brought me back some most excellent yarns from their trip to Canada:
(hang on, I swear I remember how to post photos...oh wait, must go take one!)

they went Mouline Yarns, and had lots of lovely things to say about the store. They were most impressed. Thank you to Mouline Yarns for helping my mom find some good scarf yarn, and for impressing my dad. It means a lot. :) They found you very knowledgable and quite fun. My mom regrets not getting a picture with you, this is how much they loved you.

I got 3 skeins of diamond Luxury Collection Baby alpaca  in color 1023 (lovely reddish brown, like silt) for a scarf for my mother. Sam demonstrated her purchase of this yarn...I'll snap a picture of this demonstration for later blogging, maybe....

I also got 2 skeins of *SQUEE* Camel Hair. It's ridiculously soft. I loves it.

I also got 2 skeins of malabrigo worsted in Caribeno, which I have been looking for for EONS...

...wait a minute...

why is there only one skein of malabrigo in that photo?!

hold on please.....

::much rushing about house ensues, in which dog is not findable::
::return to computer flustered::
::find this::

Do you see what aimee is holding there?

No? Still eluding you?

Let me zoom in for you

At least she has good taste?

I'd show you some things I've been knitting on, but its just the beast. I've added a row of color (WOO!) while bribing the dog with toys so I can work on it.

When it's done I hope to work on....
okay well I haven't decided yet, but I'm getting there, I swear.


  1. OW! The finger looks painful. But the yarns look lovely. Your parents are so nice to have brought you back some Canadian yarns. And the fabulous Caribeno, even if you don't really own that since the dog has taken a liking to it... Aimee is hilarious. Especially when it comes to yarn and hand knits. Gotta love it.

  2. I can't imagine how much your finger must hurt, but I can imagine that having new yarn helps a little!

  3. I winced when I saw your finger, but I PANICKED when I thought the dog ate the malabrigo! So glad it, and you, are fine.

  4. i missed your updates. hope the wool festival is fun.