Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spinny spinny spin

Me: "I did a bad thing"
Lily: "Bought another dog?"
Me: "Noooooooo...but it's dog related. I stole Sugar's fur...and I spun it into yarns...."
Lily: "What she doesnt know won't hurt you"

That's a theory.....but I think she'll find out, because how else will I harvest the 700 pounds of Labrador fur I'm going to need to knit my dad a scarf for Christmas?!

(Don't worry, it will still be a surprise, he doesn't read this, I'm pretty sure)

Anyways, for those of you who have never been to my parent's house, or tried to have a "who's dog is smarter/funnier" conversation, Sugar is the family doog (that's pronounced like dog with ew instead of an aw in the middle). We've had her since I was in about 5th grade, and she's a hulking beast of a Chocolate Lab...If you own a lab you know they lose about 50 pounds of hair daily... Generally in your food, bed, on your floors, or in other inconvienent areas. My dad's been suggesting in strange ways that dog hair might be really fun to spin.

The rest of us think it's a little weird/gross.

While home last weekend, we had a dog brushing festival, and I stole the fur from Sugar's delousing  that we brushed off of Sugar.

Then Aimee and I hopped over to the Recycled Lamb and got some wool carding combs....

This is the part, where, if you are a logical person, you will notice the error of my ways.

THEN I got online and looked up how to spin dog fur. This sentence is the important part
"Recommended length: 3+ inches"

Length of Sugar's hair? maybe I pulled out some alpaca, did some verboten things with my fancy new combs, et voila!

Fur De Doog Yarns. It's a leetel scratchy, but I think it'll do. (Pardon the sucky photo, the camera is MIA and that's the best my phone will do)

Maybe that scarf will be mittens or something...miniature knit dog maybe...hmmmm


  1. I think a miniature dog made out of dog fur yarn would be really entertaining! Also, you may have just blown your cover, because doesn't she read this blog? Just a thought...

  2. Um. Ew.....but fascinating. Way to be creative with the alpaca though. Also I like the idea of Sugar reading your blog since she is a genius doog. Watch your back! lol

  3. I think it's always a little cool and a little weird when people wear stuff made from their dogs. But maybe if I had a pet sheep I'd feel differently. Anyway, a miniature Sugar made out of Sugar sounds brilliant!

  4. Ew. But I can't say I haven't thought about spinning both of kitties fur together.. ;-/

  5. Congratulations! There is some good news for you on my blog