Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Impressive things

Impressive thing the first:
My dog can, with her collar, pull around the beast. I know this because she got tangled in it while I was at the doctor this morning and I came home to find her tied up, yarn strung ALL OVER THE PLACE (which is how i know she pulled it all over), waiting patiently at the door.

The second:
I have to study for 2 finals and throw together a paper, by tomorrow....I have approximately 11 hours in which to do this. I think i can make it, I don't know if that's a testament to my stupidity or my skillz. We'll see

The third:
It's been sunny for more than 3 days in a row. The dog and I are both loving it.

You may not remember this, but I set a goal to crochet 2 blocks on the beast a night. as of right now I am only a mere 64 days behind. thats 128 blocks for those of you counting. I persist in thinking both that I can catch up to this goal, and possibly finish the beast before the end of May. Here's hoping.

I'm wasting valuable study time blogging, for a change.

The only knitting I have done since friday is 8 blocks on the beast, last night, which I left on the couch. This, I suspect, is how the dog got caught in it.

While sitting at a stop light today I was envious of the little man at the construction site who holds the "SLOW" sign. I think this is because he looked so happy standing there getting some sunshine. Either that or he's into the creepy habit of sleeping standing up. Either way, I could dig that job right now.

I'm off, finals are over tomorrow, then I promise (ish) more blogging/crafting and less dog yammers....
Stop laughing Zach, I really will stop talking about the dog constantly...



  1. Yay for blog-related procrastination! I shouldn't enable you in this... but I have nothing to worry about this week, so blogs are welcome distractions. Sorry, I'll shut up. Love you!

  2. Don't envy that schedule! Good luck though!! And don't rush on the squares (been there done that) it can be PAINFUL to overdue things.

  3. Hahaha. I'm with Lily, although I'm glad that my to do list is shorter since it's nowhere near gone. Besides we love puppies!