Monday, May 2, 2011

Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy

Apologies for the blog silence, things have been hectic.  But yes, I am still alive, no need for concern, you can stop emailing. (as an aside, I love that I got a concerned email or 2)

Today I did some spinning. I invested in Judith MacKenzie's DVD Spinning Luxury Fibers in the attempt to wrangle this silk buisness. It's very educational, and without her I would not have made ANY progress... that being said....

As some of you know, patience is a virtue that I was not blessed with. I am a PRODUCT crafter. I like to see things get DONE. In a quick-like fashion, preferably. So I wasn't real keen on my hand spindle for spinning up this silk. 

Thus, I switched it over to my spinning wheel. It's lovely, yes?

Two hours, several swear words, and a small pile of fluffy rejected pieces later....

I've spun 2 grams. 

How much is left to spin, you ask? 

Oh, just a smidgen. You know. 21 more grams.

This is going to take the rest of my life.


  1. Two grams is about 1.9998 grams more than I have ever spun in my entire life. Yours looks beautiful. And yes, it would certainly take me the entire rest of my life to spin that 21 grams.

  2. Yay for the lovely silk. Even if it's obnoxious to work with. It's really pretty

  3. Spinning in general goes S-L-O-W for me (I'm just too tired from pain and insomnia most of the time) keep practicing though, I have friends who do magic with the silk. Happy Spinning!

  4. That is so beautiful that even if it does take the rest of your life to spin, it'll be worth it!

  5. okay I am Soo Jealious you have a wheel lol I would love one since I can't use my bottom whorl spindle much anymore frmo swelling in my hands(my health issue causes it) I have 4oz of this OMg (IMO) to die for top roving in shades of blue i am choking to spin.. and your silk looks AMAZING!!( sends her knitted elf to steal some)

  6. That yarn looks awesome! And I agree with everyone else that spinning is just too slow. I have some silk waiting to be spun too btw, now I just need some patience, lol.

  7. Dana- ebay...I spent $200 on mine, and it's like brand new.

    PS- i might steal your knitted elf if you send him my way. I'm very persuasive like that ;)