Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tail Chasin'ly good Time

Aimee and I are having a rainy day indoors, as I am home from work with the flu-bug. Errweeee. It might be the medicines but I doubt it, they are going well.

You know your dog appreciates hand-knits when they steal them from you. Stealth like. It's irritating, and also, adorable. I mentioned that she had drug the beast ALL OVER THE HOUSE last week in her free time. Well, after detaching it from her, she turned the space under my desk into a dog-den, and padded it with THE BEAST. Twerp... I left her be, because lets be honest, I wasn't really working on it anyways....

A few days ago I pulled it out and replaced it with a different, ALMOST IDENTICAL, cheap, acrylic, handknit blanket. I resumed work on the BEAST (only 61 days behind now, woot!). I left it on the couch, where it resides when I'm otherwise occupied.

Aimee was presented with a new bed, to prevent the BEAST stealing situation, as she apparently does not like the other blanket. This was decided when she pulled it out of her doggie den, and replaced it with a pillow from my bed. As I have 70000 million pillows, I let it be. It's a pillow. Who cares?

Well, I am sitting here right now, and Aimee's done it again. After I stole back a shawl she had borrowed, I looked over to see this....

You see that purple/brown mass shes all cuddled up in?!?! 


By the way the brown's are new, do you like them? She seems to...

I think I might just let her have the stupid blanket....

Since I hesitate to take a blanket from a sleeping baby, I'm off to work on a Haruni. Haruni #3 to be exact. This was chosen by someone for a Christmas present, so it's probably best to start now...

May socks? What socks...I don't know what you're talking about.


  1. Socks are immaterial. Blankets and shawls are much more important. Do it. I'm taking my own advice. Sort of...

  2. I don't think it's YOUR blanket any more!

  3. yarn snuggles! Your dog looks like a sweetheart and has very good taste!