Friday, May 6, 2011

Puppy Loves

I apologize for the HUGE gaps in the blog. I've been distracted. It's finals time...and also, this:
This now lives with me.
Her name is Aimeeeee and shes loveleeeeee. Okay there's really only two e's on the end of both of those, but we all know I get spell happy.

Things on the knitting front have been slow. Mostly because the doog likes to lay on the beast, so its hard to do anything with that.

I've been working on a Rock Island shawl, progress is slowwwwwwww.
And we spend a lot of time doing things like this instead of homework:

Which is actually what I'm off to do now. Anyone want to do my homework for me?


  1. she is absolutely Precious :) Huggers and lotsa Pets and chin and ear scritches and tummy rubs to her from me..:) Congrats on the new Furbaby!!!!

  2. Dogs tend to be a distraction in terms of anything that actually NEEDS to get done. I can't wait to meet her!

  3. She's adorable! Definitely an understandable distraction! I would spend hours cuddling with my pup if he's sit still long enough to let me, so instead I have to play his way with his stuffed sea-creatures.

  4. I think she's adorable. Like a bitty great dane, or Anubis, or my friend Nikky and I think she could be a black Bolt. Hooray for cuteness even when they want ot lay right in the middle of our work.

  5. OMG she totally does look like bolt. She's shar pei and something else, if thats at all believe-able after looking at them.

  6. Aww your puppy is so cute. She looks like she's a cuddler. And good luck with your homework. I just finished my finals week yesterday.