Monday, June 13, 2011


Status: I am still alive, honestly.

Nope really, not dead.

I've been spending (more or less) all my "spare time" working on the beast.

Last week I was 79 days behind.

As of yesterday, the center? It's DONE.

That's right. Done.

I'm working on the border now.

It may never be finished.

The dog still loves it, she's not been killed yet. I still loves it (mostly), I've not died yet.
Everyone's happy.

Coincidentally, the AC in my house only works in the one spot where I knit, turns out blankets are now the ideal summer project. Otherwise, I'dve frozen to death this weekend.

As part of the "I really wish that didn't look like crap" initiative, there are currently no photos to be shared.

I was going to doodle you up something, but erm....I suck?

I did go to Estes Wool this weekend, it was lovely, I'll do a nice big post about it. As soon as I dig out from under the 70 pounds of yarn we're currently calling a blanket.

So I leave you with this thought:

C-"Lillian, I'm positive that victorian lace is over here, the lady said it was"
L-"Why not ask?"
C-"Lets just keep looking"


  1. Yea! Nice to see you again! :-) Yea, alpaca ass!

  2. I'm forced to assume the alpacas represent you and Lily in the yarn store. If not, they do now. :D

  3. Nah, the yarn-ness of the wool market was much more overwhelming than that picture. Imagine those two alpacas breathing into paper bags. That's close to how we were...