Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Summery Project

When I was turning up the AC to the "arctic" setting so I could wear my new sweater around the house (pattern pending), I realized it was probably time for a more summer-appropriate garment.

So I pulled out a little goodie I got at the wool-fest. (if you can't tell, I got a little goody-happy at the fest-i-val).

It's the Delilah Sun Hat from the Knitting Fairy.

With only one, and not even the entire one, skein of Acero fom Brooks Farm Yarn in dark purple, and a little effort, I have, for you to behold:

A freshly blocking sun hat!

The pattern was delightfully simple and quick. You should most DEFINATELY give it a shot if you like sun-hats. I can't wait to wear mine by the pool!

I only have a tidgen left!

I'm supposed to cram the weed whacker cord in the little tube I made at the edging there, and I think thats all that's going in there, despite my best efforts. After it's done blocking I get to melt it into a final tube and cram the rest in there. Believe me, I won't exclude you from that adventure.

For now I'm off to be sure Aimee stops pulling the pins out of it and hiding them in her bed.


  1. Your dog is such a magpie! Mine isn't much better... She keeps knocking over her waterbowl in the hopes of catching "Tinkerbell" better known as the reflection of light on the water. The hat is lovely, though. Charming, marvelous, oh-so-fashionable. I hope it looks as lovely on!

  2. That hat is so cute! I really need to get busy and make one of my own. What's the yarn?