Friday, July 1, 2011

La la la

Not much to post today...

I caved and bought a larger tunisian crochet hook off etsy (snokistfarmgirl).

Hopefully, it will speed up the beast process. It was causing literal physical pain to use the ghetto-hook. So, $13 later, we'll see if it goes better with an actual long hook.

JelliDonut asked what yarn the hat of loveliness was made of, it is Acero, by Brooks Farm Yarn. I don't think the variety you choose matters.

Word of the wise, you need more weed whacker cable than you think for support. I'm going to be rigging a better brim support system, maybe involving elastic, we will see.....If you have any thoughts for de-flopping the floppy hat, please let me know. (PS- Viagra is not a good suggestion, If I thought that would work I would try it)


  1. They are of more dubious effectiveness, but have you considered pumps or creams as alternatives to the little blue pill?