Friday, July 8, 2011

Now I remember...

why I am not an athlete.

Tour de fleece is whupping my butt.  But I have managed, with a modicum of patience remaining, to finish up my *first* 3 ply....

 The first is the best color, the second the best texture, and the third, a pile of lovely sqooshy-ness soaking and waiting to be dried, twisted into lovely skeins, and thrown on the pile of finished goodies.

5.8 oz of lovely electric blue goodness.....mmmm..

I was really squashing it onto the bobbin there at the end so I didn't have to find one that was empty.

I may have blisters.

Vacation? Oh yes, it was lovely, I'm sorry I'm a little focused on the fiber right now. The beast progresseth. For those of you who asked, it's apprioximately 10 feet x 12 feet (3.3 yd x 4 yd). So, big-ish?

The new crochet hook is very much helping.

I would regale you with tales of what I am working on but zach allowed me to cram the car full of beastly blanket and I just worked on it for the entire 12 hour drive. It was lovely. I made very little progress, but every bit helps at this point.

I also went to a lovely yarn store, which I will tell you about tomorrow(ish) evening.

Glad you all enjoyed the bums! They will continue, I promise. :)


  1. Your blue sqooshy-ness is lovely!

    Cannot BELIEVE the Beast is that big. Should cover a king-size bed nicely!

  2. Yay for beast progress! Nice of Zach to allow you to take up that much space with blanket-ness. I'm excited to hear about the yarn store you visited. Was it in Telluride?