Sunday, July 17, 2011


Life's been a teensy bit hectic lately. Just when you think nothing else should be going wrong another ball drops. woops! This is what happens when you get too busy!

The beast is done, minus ends, and I've not had a chance to go home yet so, no pictures. Sorry, you'll have to be in suspense a little longer.

I have moved on to a new project. Last year, I knit up a sweater out of vogue knitting. I should have known it probably wouldn't go well when I 1)felt like the yarn was too itchy for a sweater, 2) realized that bulky yarn=bulky looking person and that it made even the twiggy-tastic model look a little chunky, 3) etc etc etc. There were lots of reasons it shouldn't work but I went ahead and made the stupid thing anyways.

I finished the whole thing, blocked it, put it on, and one sleeve didn't fit. Like, at all. As in, my left arm (the smaller diameter arm, as I am right handed) WOULD NOT go through the arm hole. WTF?! Which seems...well impossible since I knit them both at the same time and did exactly the same thing and they looked/measured identically when blocked. So I tore it out, edited it, quadruple checked it, measured the arm hole, the sleeve, etc etc etc...and reassembled. Still no beans....

So, since I was getting ready to go on a little diet, I put the sweater away in the closet until I'd lost a few arm-inches and figured I'd move on with my life. Last week I pulled it out, and *mini party* it fit. Except it itched like the dickens. So I blocked it again, conditionerd it, tried it on with a shirt underneath. Turns out you can't hide your neck from itchy wool. Plus it made me look...slightly large-ish is putting it nicely...not like I wanted.

So since it wasn't flattering, and I wasn't loving it, and there is no point in keeping the stupid thing if I'm not going to wear it, I decided it had to go.

But why waste all that yarns?!?!?!

So this (Aimee's helping)

Has been pulled out, completely frogged, and is sitting in lovely little balls of blue-goodness (I have a thing for blue, if you couldn't tell) in the floor, becoming one of these:

Tanis Gray's Grand Palais Shawl, out of the Fall '11 Knit Scene. I think it will be lovely. Especially since I know it will fit. :)

If it's too itchy for me, I may end up putting it in the "Gift Basket" (a basket of things I wanted to make but know I will never wear, that get saved for occasions when I need a gift).

So far it's been a quick knit. You whip up the center, then put a lace border down one side, and applied i-cord down the other. I've finished the center and am on repeat 4 of 23 of the lace border. I'd show you a photo but the camera-gnomes have taken over my house again, and so the camera is M.I.A. (this is becoming standard procedure)

As far as tour-de-fleece goes, I plan to get back on that wagon tomorrow....probably...

I've lost some steam on the spinning train. I think it has something to do with the air-conditioning in my apartment sucking, and mixing 95°F temp. with fluffies and a fan=interesting things. I've gotten the AC fixed and *hopefully* things will be good again for the spinning.

Hope you're all doing well. What sort of things are you working on?!


  1. Sorry your sweater didn't work out, but that shawl is fabulous and I think your yarn will be perfect for it.

  2. It's a shame that sweater didn't work out. The cable pattern is lovely. I know this because I've seen it in person.

    In other news, we've finally reached California. And we're getting back in the car tomorrow for at least 6 hours to drive south to see my other grandmother and uncle. Bleh. But at least I've moved on to the 2nd chart of the Haruni, and I'm nearly to the 2nd ball. Woo hoo! Yay for lots of knitting progress. Boo for driving cross-country.

  3. can't wait to see the shawl!

  4. I second Lily. I made 4 blanket squares on the way back to CO. Puny for all y'all, exciting for me.

  5. That is going to be beautiful!!