Saturday, July 2, 2011

TdF- "Day 1"

Okay so we all know I spun this last week during my own personal Tour de Fleece. I didn't start on my goal fleeces...erm. oops? Instead i spun up the sampler pack that I got at the Estes Wool Market.

These lovely badboys are from Cloud City Fibers. They were little 0.5 oz rovings that I spun up and 2 plied:

I think they turned out nicely. :)

I also started on some Electric blue on the same day. I'll tell you about it more during my TdF "Day 2".

No worries, later on in Le Tour, I will be spinning with all the rest of you bad-ass spinners.


  1. Like I said when you showed them to me in person: lovely. But I wouldn't want to buy the whole batt or whatever they were selling. Hope you're having a nice weekend in Telluride!

  2. Spinning looks so cool. Maybe someday I'll try it. Your yarn is gorgeous!

  3. They turned out very nicely.