Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's so FLUFFY!!!!!

And beautiful....If you haven't seen "Despicable Me", not only are you missing out, but you probably won't get this reference. Lily and I went to Build-A-Bear and I picked up this little guy:

He's pretty much fabulous. His name is Francis, and he is very fluffy. He is also a pen. We have decided that he has magical powers, powers of comfort.

We also found these little stuffed dogs, who are EXTREMELY fluffy. I don't know if they're suede, or some other sort of fabric, but they are most excellent. Mine's name is Beauregard. I love him dearly. He's my old stuff-dog, Alfred's, new boyfriend. They are doggy loves. I don't think dogs really worry about sexual preference, they just love each other. I'm sorry if you feel differently. But I think some of us could probably take a few pages from dogs. Just not the butt sniffing one. Not because we'd have to bend over, but because I highly doubt human butts are as clean as most doggy butts.

Enough about doggies. (I love them, passionately, forgive me). Last night we had a little impromptu spinning session. Lily learned a few things and made some pretty strings, see?

Lily don't read this part.

::in a conspiratorial whisper::
If she doesn't finish spinning it, I'm going to steal that stuff right out from under her and finish spinning it myself. I didn't like the colors until she spun it up, but now, I really wants it.

Okay Lily you can start reading again.

I also did some work on Robert's scarf. Mostly because he was teasing me about the fact that it's been like 2 months and it's still not done. I ran out of yarns on my shuttle, which meant I had to wind more on. I HATE winding yarn onto a shuttle. Its tedious, I always scrape my wrists somehow, and I never commit long enough. I tried to fit the cake through the opening of the weft....

But as you can tell, it didn't want to fit. Short of using up some AstroGlide, I don't think I could even smush it through there if I tried. As my brother is fond of reminding me, AstroGlide can be used to fit a Cadillac in a dog house. It's more likely the dog house for a St. Bernard, than a chihuahua, but they aren't specific, so it gives me hope for the possible uses.

I'm off to build a Lego bulldozer. And maybe make my unicorn, Francis, dance around. I might even knit and do some homework. We'll see!

Tomorrow's the 5k, I'm a little worried....wish me luck!


  1. I seriously needed to be cracked up like this. Many thanks to your brother for the cadillac-in-the-doghouse line.

  2. I lol'd and everyone in the room stared at me.

  3. You named the unicorn Francis? That's cute. You never told me. Also, I love our puppy dogs. Maybe now I won't lust after dogs as much... not likely, but it could happen!

  4. Ha!

    Good luck on the 5k, dude!