Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Plugging along

If you look over on the side of the blog you may notice that there's been a small addition. I've listed, for your viewing pleasure, all my WIP's, on the wall of shame  progress tracker. :)

There is one item on this list that may not be a WIP for very much longer, and that is the Daisy Chain Blanket. Mostly beause it is boring, and I will likely NEVER use a cotton blanket. Thoughts? Anyone?

I have a test to study for, and a paper to write, so I will leave you with this thought:

If you frogged it, but didn't re-designate the yarn for some purpose, does it count as progress?


  1. Yes, frogging is totally progress! It is progressing past a pattern that is not working and opening up the future to patterns that do work!

  2. Anything that saves time is progress. Working on a project you don't love is a waste of time.

  3. Depends on what kind of progress you're talking about. If you're talking getting rid of yarn, then it's not progress. But if you're talking about getting rid of projects, then it is! See?

  4. Frogging is total progress. Just like JelliDonut said, if you don't love it..WASTE O' TIME!