Friday, April 8, 2011

Ah blessed sleep

I have finally (thank the Lord Ambien, and any other responsible deity) slept for 14 hours. Straight. It was beautiful. I don't think I snuck out and shagged anybody, because I tied an impossible knot in my sweats and they were still on this morning. So that's something.

I have spun a smidgen more silk. Lily is here and wanted to know why there were orange fuzzies all over my coffee table. I feel like this doesn't need explaning, as much as I just need to hand her some silk and see how long it takes for ALL OF IT to stick to her basoomers, or other extremities. (I find silk has a basoomer affinity, strange that.) I have it all contained around an old snapple bottle. It's looking very acquiescent. No?

It still so very shiny and lovely. I only have 22 grams left to spin! (there was only one ounce to start with, I can't tell you what it is in american-ese.)

As an aside, I do wish they would sell more than 8 bottles of Snapple in a container, because I can kill that in about 2 hours. Maybe I just need to ease up on the snapple....

I promised to introduce you all to Owl-ette. It was supposed to be a coffee cozy. Instead its a candy-dish cozy. I love it. (As a side note, I'm grateful for that flash, as you could totally see down my tank in the reflection on the microwave)

I love his little beady eyes. They're fabulous, and butterscotchy, which is why I filled that dish with butter scotch. I almost took him to work, but I'm afraid someone might permanently borrow him, which would make me sad.

I also love that my microwave is red, but that's less relevant.

I am working on fishes, from the fish blanket of wonderfulness. This is the first one! EEE! I love the little fishy body hanging off my needles. (morbid, but true)

There was a rather strict warning about how if your gauge is off the fishies wont fit together. I didn't swatch, hope I guessed okay on the needles and everything. Or I will have a few sqiggly fishes. Oh well. Knit a little, live a little. Following patterns closely is for weenies who want to get the proper knitted object the first time.

Lily is doing jazz hands and declaring she will not be making any shawls for a while. HEr mother has also verboten blankets. I think I can maybe talk her into some fishes. Hehehe.

Also, I am making some fun socks, its my next design. It's going to be crazy beans. You'll love it.
Check out the color:

I also need to finish my paper on ballet shoes....hmmmm. For now I think I'll go have a leetle nap. Or maybe some fish. Or I did just get that yarn in the mail.....

::wanders off talking to self::


  1. Get thee behind me, demon! My mother will actually go ballistic if I start another bloody blanket. Not that she knows about the purple one... but she already sends resentful glances at the melonstrosity. And I don't need more of that in my life. Regardless of how morbidly amusing the little fishes are while on the needles.

  2. Caitlin,

    You are freakin' hilarious!

    Your newest follower!

  3. I have an idea, you could work on my blanket! We'd be like needle pals instead of pen pals...except that sounds dangerous...Dayquil makes me think before I type. Also, I know for a fact our squares would be all different sizes.

    The fish are exciting, the owl is adorable, and I find it amusing that basoomers count as extremeties. Perhaps it's because mine are the least extreme....