Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fall hath sprung

At least at my house....Let me explain.

Me:: I had a little attack last night around 1's bad
Lily:: Attack?
Me:: Yes, you know, a "knit this not that" attack.
Lily:: haha. oh, one of those!
Me:: Yes, its bad. I blame the pumpkins
Lily:: Why did you start some pumpkins?

AHAHAHHAHHAH did I start some pumpkins. It looks like a pumpkin patch in my living room. There's green felt, fake leaves, a basket, orange yarn, fluff-n-stuff, about 800 leaf's bad. You can't even tell I own a coffee table. If Zach were here, I'd get That Look. You know, the one that says "you need to call the therapist now, or I'm going to do it for you".

My mom asked for pumpkins around October time. Halloween is her favorite holiday. She wanted a little basket for to decorate the house.

Being so enthusiastic that someone had asked for something knit (you know this feeling, don't lie) I immediately agreed without thought to what I was setting myself up for. We went to Michael's, she picked a basket, and some skeins of orange yarn, and I started working. 3 pumpkins later I was bored, and walked away.

Well, it's not October anymore, and I still owe someone a huge ass basket of pumpkins.

I've emptied 2 bags of fluff-n-stuff. The basket isn't full yet.

I'm also getting a little sick of orange.

Anybody wana make some pumpkins?!


  1. I'm not getting sucked in this time. Not after the acorn extravaganza. So no, I don't want to make some pumpkins. Not even a little bit. But good for you for making them for your mommy! I do get enthusiastic when people ask me to knit them things. Although, then I sometimes get unenthused because they've asked for some really ugly colors...

  2. Ahh it's the invasion of the pumpkins. My mom loves fall too..Maybe I will knit her some pumpkins?

  3. Good for you! The early bird, etc etc. I'm so over decorating for any kind of holiday but I think it's really nice of you to do this for your mom.

  4. The only advantage of the pumpkins is that they're not the acorns. lol Good luck with that. :)

  5. I love when i get mentioned! yay.

  6. Mom an I read this, she said you do need therapy. She was also offended by the fact that you tried to pawn off her pumpkins on someone else. Se says she wants them ohhh about...umm...6 months ago. It's only a really long time ago.

  7. Haha, I am working on a project somebody has been asking for as well. And like you I was just so very flattered that I said yes before I thought twice about it. :P It happens.

    You don´t happen to have pictures? I´d love to see those pumpkins! :o)

  8. At least pumpkins are more novel than the mitten I owe my mother (which happily she is finally getting).

  9. janukke- Yes! I'll take a picture of each and every one so they can be forever immortalized when i get leaves on them.

  10. I know the feeling and I feel for you. You can't let anybody down now! Once the magic question has been posed (can you knit/crochet this for me?), the game is on. Now matter what it does to our health/sanity. Good luck!!