Thursday, April 21, 2011

And theeeeeeen....

There are lots of pumpkins

I hate orange.

I'm starting to sympathize with Cinderella's fairy godmother, in that pumpkins? Deserve to die, make them all carriages!

The baskets nearly full, and I have 2 blisters from speed crochet.

Now I just need to make about 8 zillion leaves and vines. I'm sooo looking forward to green.

Speaking of the basket. I took a fake leaf vine and brutally ripped strategically removed all the leaves from it, then I threaded it through the baskety openings, and forcefully crammed delicately placed the leaves back onto the little pokey outtie bits. I like it, what do you think?

Please disregard the state of affairs shown in that picture, it's been a pooty week on the health-news front. Stop giggling about that mess, Lillian. As an aside, HEY LOOK! I been lookin for that sock all over the floor for 10 minutes! I'd almost given up hope and figured I'd have to wear a matching pair! huffah!

hem hem. Off to make more magical pumpkins of pumpkiny goodness!


  1. Fall seems like a long way off. Until it's not. How many more do you have to make?

  2. I love the basket decoration. I think it's charming. Also, you make me laugh. Thank you, because I was seriously heading into a downward spiral of rage that boded ill for the next person to cross me.

  3. Mom says "what's that brown turd is doing in the top of the basket? Hahaha jk, I thinks it looks nice." also that she loves you

  4. JelliDonut- About oh....8 billion? And then probably 200 zillion leaves, and maybe about 70 vines. we'll see.

  5. Thanks for sharing that picture! :o) And it can´t be THAT many pumkins missing, the basket is looking rather full from my point of view ;)

    Now I am curiously waiting for those leaves.^^