Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tomato, Tomato

Or rather, tomato, toMAHto. (since you can't pick up my sarcastic inflection, or fancy European accent, I'll try to convey it through additional letters). Today was the day that that paper was due, and it's done, huffah, huzzah a thousand cheers. In all reality its due the 29th but I wanted to get it done before the presentation today.

I'm sure all of you remember class time filled with your colleague's (read: other students) presentations for their semester projects. It was, in short, painful. Not that they weren't qualified to be lecturing or anything, just that no one realllly wants to be up there giving a presentation, most of them don't reallllly know what they're on about, and most of them...well they can't speak in public for poot. I don't blame them, I totally get it, it's not a fear I have but it's a common thing, so I can see where it might be an issue on presentation day.

I'm not very good at listening to people speaking publicly, or lecturing, or whatever. This is due to my sick, twisted sense of humor getting the better of me all the time. For example, if you have ever seen "Talladega Nights", then hearing your pastor say "we celebrate christmas for the sweet lord baby jesus" you're pretty much guaranteed to get elbowed by your mother for giggling in church. Similarly, when the rabbi at someone's bah mitzvah says "we can feel jordan's manhood deep down in our kishka" (pardon my bad yiddish spelling) and you're brain goes from kishka directly to bum...well same thing happens.

This occured today. I'm going to share my experience with you. The kid kept saying "and for people who suffer from arth-a-rite-us" (read: arthritis with four syllables), and I kept having to pretend to be choking on my key-lime gum. I think the teacher hates me now, doesn't bode well for my future as she is my thesis advisor (well, hopefully, I still need to nail that little detail down) If you watch SNL religiously, you're already cackling. If you aren't this is what I kept picturing when he said the word: (the other videos are just funny, so watch anyways?)


I think you'll appreciate it.


  1. Congrats on finishing the presentation in time, and the paper early! Three cheers for you! Now I'm off to do more statistical analysis, since I'm apparently the only one qualified to do it.

  2. Yea for finished papers! I finished entering report grades today too...does that count? :-D

  3. That is quite the codpiece.
    This post is why we shouldn't be allowed to sit by each other in biology. I miss cassroom shenannigans. :)

  4. Grading papers TOTALLY counts.

    I know I kinda want one of those outfits...