Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The fake sound of progress...

Today is one of THOSE days. If it could go wrong, it's probably already gone wrong....

My toilet is broken and leaking all over the floor. My ear infection decided to share and now I have an eye infection too. I have to go to approximately 8 dr's appointments this week, and make it in to work, and get a paper done....just BLARGH

BUT! all of this is okay, because, now go look closely at the sidebar, see the beast? look closely....

thats right, it's over halfway done. TAKE THAT BEAST....

I'd take a picture for you but I'm actually in class ignoring everything my crazy teacher says right now.

On the sad side.....I'm not counting the border (which will be EFFING HUGE) in that percentage/total. Mostly because I don't really know how much space that will take up on the percentage scale.

But that doesn't really matter.



  1. Aww no feel better. I wouldn't count the border too it might be to depressing.

  2. Ear infections are the thing today. My daughter got a double! :-P Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Feel better soon!
    And yay for that beast! :-P