Thursday, April 14, 2011

Real Quick

I'm laughing my behind end off at your guesses for the contest. Don't worry about me not being able to sit, I have lots of behind-end.

Here's a few hints to keep you all guessing:
They have no pets, and no handknits.
The air conditioning system in the house is treated with eucalyptus soaps, and is a water cooler.
It's not carpet.

I'm working diligently on whipping up a leetel grape sheep for the best guess!

I've finished my April Socks. The pictures, at this time, le suck. So you will have to be patient. Also, I'm out of town this weekend so if there's blog silence, blame Zach. He's that entertaining.

Remember, you have until Sunday to come up with something good!


  1. I got it's a sheep farm that is near the house and they are spinning directly from the sheep and washing them with special wool wash and the winds make it permeate into the house. Or maybe its its a plant?

  2. Um... well obviously it has something to do with the air conditioning. But I can't think of a single reason why it would smell like wool as well...

    Have fun with Zachary this weekend!