Tuesday, April 5, 2011


one of those weeks where if it could go wrong, it will. Extra homework, extra test material, not getting enough sleep to function, having the flu...it's just like that.

I was trying to use socks to destress, but since this is the third version, and I've spent four hours trying to make them the right size, it wasn't really working. Gauge? Lies...just saying. I can do math, and I even triple checked with a calculator. But alas, they've now been ripped out thrice. This is their current state:

I'm realizing that I might need to start staging these photos in different places, as you only ever get my coffee table, and so you probably thing I'm some sort of terrible slob. I promise the rest of my house is really actually very tidy.

Anyways...I had reached a point last night were I just couldn't take it anymore. I'd tried drowning the stress in the bathtub, I'd exercised, I'd laid down for a little rest, I'd just made a list and worked through most of it...nothing was working. Then I looked up and......

I may or may not have pulled this out of the fiber basket...It's called "Ohhh! Shiny!! I WANT!"....1 oz of Mullberry silk. It really is shiny, and soft, and wonderful. Spinning is my ultimate destress, how hard is it to flick a spindle and watch magic happen.

Silk, is apparently, a real mother f!@#$%^& when it comes to simple spinning. Some things I learned? Only pull off a tidgen of it. Really, predrafing is probably a bad idea. Don't forget to put a towel down to wipe your hands on regularly, don't let go of it, and a static sheet for the dryer? Might be helpful. I'm more or less a beginning spinner, and have only ever messed with wool. Or other reasonable fibers. But, after a little fighting, some use of a lint remover, and a deep breath?

I think I might make it. Maybe....

Anyone a whiz on Hidden Markov Models?

I'm off to study, and maybe I'll spend my breaks perusing knitty. We'll see.


  1. I had the same reaction to the picture of the silk fiber. And I bet it felt pretty too. Sucks that it's a b*&%$ to work with. But I'm glad you figured it out and may now make it through the rest of the school-ness. Yay pretty fiber!

  2. I suck at spinning, even wool. Can't imagine the horror of trying to spin silk!

  3. Hmm good to know about silk. Learning to spin is on my to-do list and I love silk, but I guess I'd better stick to wool for starters!

  4. Your house is a mess love. Clean, but cluttered. Especially when you moved in. Dear lord that was a nightmare of a day. Or was it two....?

  5. It was more like 8...but who's counting, really?