Thursday, March 31, 2011

Progress is slow...

Homework status: paper not complete, 3 chapters left to read
Life status: sleep levels low, gained half pound, don't care because of exhaustion, and inability to purchase the Lace edition of Piecework last night.
Knitting Status: takes 45 minutes to do a pattern repeat
'Nuff said.


  1. Ah, but aren't the socks lovely? I think they're charming. But taking that long for one pattern repeat would probably drive me crazy. That's ok. Sorry nothing's getting done. I have had quite a productive morning so far.

  2. What pattern are you doing? I've not been getting my sleep in either.. boo..

  3. I'm trying to get my hands on Piecework too. I hope you're successful soon.

  4. Is no one sleeping these days? At least your sock is more interesting than my mitten.

  5. Lurve the socks. I'm amused by the name and probably also by the fact that you are much better at socks and things partly because I've never tried.
    PS I've completed about 10 uniform blanket squares. Only 60 to go! :)