Saturday, March 26, 2011


I have lots of homework this weekend. Thus all knitting will be put on hold. I've gone home in the attempt to get my mother to slave drive me into getting it done. It's not really helping so far, all we've managed to do is go buy shake weights. Then completely fail at working out because we were laughing too hard at how dirty they were. Especially when handed to one of the boys, they make a hilarious face. Knitting/Crochet is on hold for the time being.

Now where did I put all that research... 


  1. I think that's how the Shake Weights are actually supposed to work--you burn calories and work your abs from laughing so hard.

    Now--get back to work!

  2. Ohhh shake weights. Did you seriously buy one? That's ridiculous. Hope you get some more work done today. Or some actual work done. Whatever.

  3. I agree with JelliDonut, I think they're mis-marketing this as an upper body workout when it really should be an abdominal and smile workout!