Saturday, March 12, 2011

Away on a fast camel...

I'm spending a part of spring break partying it up in New York City, for Zach's sister's wedding. For said wedding, I had to bring a fancy dress, which means I needed a Fancy Suitcase. So I borrowed one, or rather I tried to, from my parents. Due to an extenuating circumstance involving a tidgen of a mess (ahem hem dad) I could only get to one suitcase. Suffice it to say, its a tidge ridiculous for a 5 day trip. Observe:

 Because the scale there is not very good I would just like to point out that the top of that suitcase hits me in the thighs. Granted, I'm short, but I'm pretty sure I would fit in it.

I'm hitting save a lot, because this post has already self-deleted twice.

In other news, yesterday was finished object Friday. I whipped up another scarf, or two...or three....I'm also working on designing some socks. For right now Zach's hollering its time to go to Dim Sum, which means I'll have to share pictures later.

Yay, New York!

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  1. You forgot "laughing" on your title. Because I know to what you are referring. Also, that picture definitely makes it look like you've got 2 overnight bags, not a giant suitcase. I don't know how you could fix that... but oh well! Have fun in NY!