Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The dayyy the homework died

Well okay, in reality I just wish the homework was dead. But it's not. It's not even a little dead... Good news my cell cultures aren't dead! But I think bowling ball chunks are poisonous...just so you know. Don't stick bowling balls in your body. Also try to avoid rusty screws, not such a pretty reaction. I still have a paper on the loads in ballerinas feet during dancing, and 3 chapters to review for my bioinformatics exam. But progress has occurred. In that I have cleaned the whole house and gotten lots of naps in. So the prep phase is over and maybe I'll ACTUALLY do some homework.

Okay well I can dream.

In knitting news it looks like "a good mix" for april is winning out. There's still some voting time left. I might just meander through my WIPS. Definitely no more starting things for a while I'm leaving the basket o projects out in my living room and its starting to get on my nerves, since it's not in hiding. I've actually made pretty good progress on it. For now I am working on a pair of toe-up sockies called TicTac Toes. They arent actually toe ups but I'm forcing the to be, and it's turning out nicely. There's not really much to see now so I'll photo them later.

Zach's coming in this weekend for a visit ::happy dance:: and we're going to try to finish up his pair of hockey socks so that they fit.

Also, if you're not part of the Facebook group, the Jimmy Beans Wool Lorna's Laces Limited Edition Color of the month this month? It rocks. they DO make pretty string.


  1. Going to check out that LLLE Color. Thanks for the tip.

  2. My homework isn't dead either. But I'm making the effort to kill it. I hope yours isn't putting up much of a fight...