Thursday, March 10, 2011


No pictures today, too tired to dig out the digital camera, which is stashed in my suitcase to go to New York. But there will be blog!

I’m having a teensy tinsy attack of knitzophrenia. What is kntizophrenia, you might ask? It’s when all your knitting personalities are battling for control. It also means I spent the entire evening project hopping. While this might SEEM productive, it’s really not. At all. Even a little. Let me give you an idea:

I spent most of the evening doing the “few rows on this, few rows on that, ooo wana knit that, back to the first project”. I managed to finish another ruffle scarf, this one is a gift. Don’t be impressed, they only take an hour or so to finish.

I also whipped out a few rows on the spiral-a-la-month blanket. This was….er…invigorating? Let me put it this way, I only used up 5 g of yarn. (.2 oz, I know, impressive).

I worked on the mystery gift a little, and finished 5 stripes…that’s only 100 stitches total.

I started a toe for a pair of toe-up socks. I’m working it short row over 36 stitches.  I'm only decreasing it down to 20. I didn’t finish it (the toe).

I rifled around in the sock yarn stash in the attempt to decide what to knit on next month. I’m rather at a loss. I’ve picked my color (Festival of Love, Lorna’s Laces 2011 February Color of the Month), but can’t settle on a pattern. Which I suppose is all right, since I have a while to need to start on those boogers. But I definitely spent 30 minutes looking through pattern books, my coffee tables groaning under the weight of them.

Now, the real dilemma in all this? I need to make up my mind what to take to New York with me this week. (I’ll be gone 6 days, with 9 hours on the plane). I can’t take a blanket, it will take up too much valuable souvenir yarn space. I’m not really in love with anything I’m working on that is smaller. I hunted around a little last night, which might have been bad because now I think I want to work on some OTHER stuff... 


I’m voting trip to the yarn store for inspiration.


  1. I know the knitzophrenia feeling. I don't know what to suggest that you bring to NY. It's a conundrum. I, too, vote for a trip to the yarn store for inspiration!

  2. Souvenir yarn? Really? Way to be an enabler, Lily. Lol
    I vote for socks and scarves since they'll travel better than blankets. Plus, you can do that since you're gifted with friends who have necks AND feet. :)

  3. I share your pain - I'm 6 rows from finishing my (first ever!) shawl and am heading to the cottage for the weekend. What to take - something easy that I can just occupy the time - something fun that I really want to make - what yarn do I have? - what patterns will it work with?. And I'm only going for the weekend!

    Enjoy your trip - get lots of good souvenir yarn!