Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Little Things

I've reached a bit of a stall on my current projects. Meaning that I'm knitting 1 or 2 rounds of each then hopping to another. This would be fine, but it makes it seem like I am making NO PROGRESS AT ALL. Consequently, I've decided to focus on some of my smaller achievements.

1) The house is clean. This includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc. It was quite the task but now it's done. (Well okay, I need to put away the laundry still, but at least thats all nice and tidy in a basket.)

2) My homework has been shuffled's looking promising.

3) I have made some quite lovely earrings out of knitting needles. My dad was a huge help with this little project. We had quite an enjoyable time in the freezing garage deciding which tools would be the best for the destruction of needles.

4) My March socks are done! Done done done...doney done done. Lily asked for a pattern for these babies so I whipped one up. It can be downloaded here, or on Ravelry. (Search for Underwater Basketweave Socks, or Caitlin Ewing, either way it will appear.) So thats another little thing off the knitting To-do list.

5) Using my scrap yarn from the March socks, I have started another blanket. (stop groaning, I know I have a blanket problem). It's made using the Ten-Stitch Blanket Pattern by Frankie Brown (this too can be found on the Rav). I'm going to use the Lorna's Laces Color of the Month from Jimmy Beans Wool in order starting from January 2011 to make this blanket. When I get to the end I'll slap on all my extra leftover worsted weight's that are Lorna's Laces. For now, the blanket, looks like this:

It would be a lot larger if I hadn't stopped to snuggle it 20 million times.

6) The progress on the mystery Christmas present is going well. It is now 10 rows longer. Woo!

7) There are 10 new squares on THE BEAST that weren't there yesterday. (YAY PROGRESS!)

8)I have pulled this month's next project out, the Orange Blanket. It's sitting on the couch leering at me. Observe:

Anyone else think it looks like its got an attitude going? Or am I projecting? It really is a blanket I swear, It just looks like a monstrously strange diaper thing because its contstructed center-out like the Oat Couture Aunties Afghan.

9) I have lost 1 pound. Dietary success is mine!! MOOWAHAHAHAHHA.

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  1. The orange blanket totally looks like it has some attitude. You should threaten it a little. Show it who's boss. Also, I'm quite impressed with how productive you've been this week. And kind of jealous. Oh well.