Friday, March 4, 2011

A Basket Case

Ros, from the comments, suggested that if I only had a basket, there would be nothing stashed behind my sofas! Rest assured Ros, I do not have just one basket. I actually might be hiding some WIP's under/behind my sofa... but let's not dwell on that. Anyways, she wanted to see my WIP basket, or baskets, as the situation really stands. So here you go! I'll explain as we go.

I have a dedicated "yarn closet". In this closet lives most of my stash, and most of my projects. (I say most because, lets be honest, the yarn is everywhere, it's like tribbles) A lot of my WIP's live in little shoeboxes on the top of said closet. See exhibit A:

The things that are hiding in those shoeboxes are as follows: Norwegian Luskofte's in Red and Blue, vest, blanket, set of squares for CAL blanket, set of daisy's for Daisy Chain blanket, some socks....I'd show you these but I didn't feel like causing a
box-valanche, and there's a lot more pictures coming.

Exhibit B: The original WIP basket...

There's about 8 projects in there. I'd dig them out but then I'd really exacerbate my startitis because, lets be honest, I probably love everything in that basket and just got distracted and walked away. My mom bought me this basket when I started knitting to keep "all my yarn in"...ahahaha we were so delusional.

Exhibit C: The pumpkins
My mom asked for these for her birthday/christmas/fun/ She wants a basket o'pumpkins. We bought the yarn, the filler, annnnnd then I lapsed a little bit and here sit the pumpkins, or lack thereof.

Exhibit D: That other blanket
This is my box of leftovers from the dragon bedspread. (If you're on ravelry you can look it up, I'm xxknitndragonxxx, if you aren't I promise I'll post about it if you ask me to.)  It's going to become a blanket of granny squares, probably....

Exhibit E: The BIG BASKET
Lets be honest, this is really a spare laundry hamper that folds up and hides under my bed. It's been filled with all the projects I collected from under/behind the sofa/bed/living room/house in general to show you all what a problem I have with starting things. In this you can currently see the Orange Dreamcicle blanket, some bags o goodies (dragon in the hobby lobby, scarf in the barnes and noble), some socks, and a blue/brown christmas related gift (squint, it's there). This basket now lives at the side of my sofa, as opposed to all over the house.

Exhibit F: The not basket.

Some twerp mentioned a loom was great for stash-busting. LIAR! all I've found is that it gives you a reason to start up a new stash. This is the "Scarf for Rob"

Exhibit G: The Purple People Eater

I had to dangle over the arm of the couch to take this shot. What you can't see is that that basket is crammed full of blanket. There's an entire rubbermaid container of yarn dedicated to this project hiding under my bed. I'd have dug it out but that will ruin future surprises.

Exhibit...H: (I lost track there) THE BEAST

You've all heard it mentioned in the comments/lists. Well, here it is, THE BEAST (aka scarf blanket). This thing is a monster. It measures 102" (2.8 yards) across. It's not done....IN fact, it is so not done that there is not one, BUT TWO baskets dedicated to the yarn that is going to go into this project, see below Exhibits I and J. I'll give you the full details in a later post, as this one is already a little hefty.

Exhibits I & J: Beast Yarns

Yes, thats a whole basket, and a whole cube in the yarn closet. No, I don't want to hear it.

I might be a bit of a basket case....All that is made me a little overhwelmed. I think I'll take a walk and go check my mail for that yarn I ordered. And maybe work on that hat...and then I'll have a little lie down and go hide all this back where it goes again.


  1. There are no words. I know you have a lot of yarn. The pictures in this post don't even do it justice. But wow. I think having taken all of that yarn out and having it strewn about the place is probably pretty upsetting. You should definitely hide it again so we can all go back to being in denial about your yarn problem.

  2. Actually, I think this post does the stash more justice than the knowledge that Caitlin was living in a human sized nest of yarn. Before we all ignored it because it was stuffed in a closet or strewn on the coffeetable.

  3. Ah, but you haven't seen her current abode. It's practically impossible to ignore the humongous quantities of yarn in the new place.