Sunday, March 6, 2011

Random Weekends

Quick updates:

I have started, and am ALMOST FINISHED with February's socks. So far, they look like this:
Which I am pretty much okay with, especially since I'm more or less making them up as I go. The stitch pattern has been taken from the Sweet Honey Beret, which I am 1) done with, and 2) obsessed with.
I might make like 5 more....I think I have a problem. 

Speaking of 5 more, I am currently planning on making at LEAST 2 more of the fantastic ruffly scarves, in different colors, for Christmas/Birthday presents.

I have made good progress on the impromptu Christmas gift made from leftover blanket yarns.

I have finished another Block o'the week:
These are mostly being done as personal crochet lessons. They're going well. 5 down, 138 to go! Woo!

The Mawata's (silk hankies) I ordered have arrived, and I will begin experimenting soon to turn fluff into mittens. More on this latter.

I've noticed I'm developing a thing with blue this month....

The Lorna's Laces Color of the Month from Jimmy Beans Wool has also arrived. I meant to order shepherd worsted, and somehow got shepherd sock....I might have to order more, sad day. I might just roll with it. We'll see.

I've decided that in order to ever finish the beast, I will have to start working on it pretty regularly, thus I have decided to finish one diamond a night, if possible. This means at least I will be making some, albeit slow, progress, towards finishing, which would be most lovely.

I'm off to finish the book I am currently very wrapped up in...or maybe work on the scarf...or the socks...or a blanket? I don't know maybe I ought to just go lie down.  

Anyways. Anyone have any fun things happen this weekend? What's on YOUR needles?


  1. I REALLY love those February socks. Really. A lot. They're great. Also, the sweet honey beret is loverly.

    I haven't noticed a predominance of blue this month... but maybe you're just not posting about blue things?

  2. I second Lily's cosk coveting.
    My excitement for this weekend was casino shenannigans and paintballing. I have some awesome battle scars and the boy is looking less like he was stung by a swarm of bees. :)

    I still have half a beanie on my hook and may not begin a blanket because I just realized there's a pile of homework that needs to get done this weekend.