Friday, March 18, 2011

Souvenirs, and further explanations

Today will not be a Finished Object Friday, but it probably should be. Instead you will get to enjoy those goodies tomorrow. :)

There are things that I would change about my digital camera, given the chance. For one, the fact that it's the weirdest computer setup ever. But I digress, I have taunted you all with promises of souvenir yarn, and I should probably come through. For your sanity, and all that.

I also had a few questions from yesterday's list, so I will just mosey on down what I posted yesterday while providing descriptions! HUFFAH! Let's begin:

-The Hooker Hotel
No, we did not actually stay with hookers, or meet hookers, or pick up any hookers. Sorry to disappoint. This hotel, which was impossibly hard for my cab driver to find even though we were sitting right in front of it, was just hooker-looking. When lit up at night, from the street, some of the windows were blue. It made me think of the red light district. Observe:

Now Imagine some of those lights were out, there were people moving around inside, and I was sitting in a cab on the street. To make things better this snazzy place is located between a mechanic's shop and a some other sort of rundown building. It's a *very* nice hotel, don't get me wrong. But I'm going to insist on referring to it as "the hooker hut" forever. For lots of reasons. The all glass showers being another of them.

-Darcy's wedding
Was FABULOUS. Best wedding ever. Lots of fun. She was smart enough to provide flip flops for the idiots who tried to dance in high heels all night (cough cough me cough cough). The ceremony was beautiful. The rabbi sounded a bit like kermit the frog mixed with the teacher from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but he had a good sense of humor! The location was lovely (an old metallurgical building, it was all brick and wood floors and lovely), and we all had a fabulous time. Yay! Courtesy of some facebook photos heres a shot for your viewing pleasure: 

Thank goodness for facebook, I'm really trying to load up on pictures since you've all been deprived of them lately. But again, I had one of those "uhm, what camera?" moments....for five days straight.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole night:

Here's what happens when you loose Zach and me in the photo booth at your wedding:

 It starts out pretty normal.....

Then the mood gets to us.....

We digress quickly into small children.....

But want you to know we still love you!
 And think you're sexy too!

Blue Steel....I personally think mine is more Zoolander and his is more sleepy boy at wedding.

ANYWAYS, it was lots of fun, time to move on, yes?

-Dim Sum
Was okay, and involved some people making funny faces. We decided we could get better food at home, but not better company. This is what we get for letting Nancy pick, right Zach?

Was FABULOUSSSS. I've never been so inclined to buy a samurai sword, or strange hat. I ended up just getting a crazy colored bag and t-shirt. I got the good stuff later, I just needed something to tote my wallet around in for a while.

-The Great Pizza Hunt

I insisted upon needing pizza at 10pm, which would be fine, except it was Sunday. So we ended up walking ALL OVER THE PLACE trying to find pizza. Just when we had almost given up we found Patzeria's Perfect Pizza. It was the best Pizza I have EVER HAD. It was the best of Italian and American Pizzas....I was so excited about it I burnt my mouth on it. If you're ever near Times Square, go get a piece, its worth it.

-Times Square
What more need I say? If you've been there you know. The lights, the sound, the whee!!! It was fun! :) We went back 4 or 5 times just for the sake of it.

-Statue of Liberty...ish
We went down to some seaport...hang on I'll go ask...South Street Seaport! Woo!

Anyways we went down there and got tickets to go see Chicago that evening, and we attempted to see the Statue of Liberty. Or, as my brother so fondly called it growing up, the Liberty of Statute. We didn't manage but that's okay. We had fun wandering and eating hot dogs.

-Katz Deli (and my first Knish)

If you've ever watched "When Harry Met Sally", you've seen this deli. It's a ton of fun, and totally a Jewish deli. I let Zach get me one of all his favorites that he thought I would eat and we had a lot of fun. I was accused of stealing his Dr. Brown's Cream Soda...I say I just borrwed it. We had huge pastrami, corned beef, and mustard on rye sandwiches (yum!), chicken salad, chopped liver, and knish! We also probably had bad breath when it was all over, but it didn't really matter because we both ate it...Right?

-YARN YARN YARN hands are getting sore from all this typing, but we've reached the part you've all been waiting for!!! If you read vogue knitting you've probably had the urge to play in the rainbow colors of the Purl Soho ad's. Well, the whole store is organized in that rainbowy goodness. I had to resist the urge to hop up and down and giggle while clapping, like a toddler at Disney Land. I picked up these goodies:

Alchemy Mysterioso, in Dream 2 skeins, will become a lovely cowl.... :)

The top yarn:
Habu Bamboo....760 yds (679 m) of silky goodness....

The bottom:
For my purple people eater blanket, you will all get those details later, 
Manos Silk Wool, it matches perfectly. :)

Well my dear friends, I know I told you I'd wrap it up today, but I think this is pretty hefty. So I'll leave you with thoughts of Purl Soho and Pizza while I head off to yarn with Lily, who is visiting me this weekend. I'll try to finish the trip summary tomorrrrrooowwww. Then you can all have a Finished Object Friday on Sunday! yay! BE EXCITED! It's worth it. (Lets be honest I might save it for a real Friday)...anyways, TA!

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  1. OMG awesome. Looks like a lot of fun. And tasty. Because you know how I love food. And yes, I'm writing you a comment from across the room. That's how awesome I am.