Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blankety Goodness

I finished the blanket o doom for my brother. It is...well, it's very large. It takes up my entire full size bed, and touches the floor on both sides, as you can see here:

I personally find the project dizzyingly excellent. I am also quite tempted to keep this little booger all for myself. Sam, you don't mind do you? I would make one for myself, but there are rather a lot of ends that need sewing on on this little project (104 to be exact). I could have done it in a fashion which didn't require this, but I didn't want to end up sweltering underneath a beast that was difficult to maneuver. This ended up having to happen anyways, but at least it was only for part of the blanket.

The pattern, if you are interested in making one for yourself, is here, and is also in Ravlery, here.
After you click the link, click download, then save it to your computer, or right click and pick "Save Target As'. I'm working on refining the process

Yes, I did finish late, but if February was a proper month with 30 days, I would have been right on time. So there. Plus, I did manage to use up a bit of my stash of sock yarn, so it was a good month. 

In other news! Today is my mom's birthday, so 
Happy Birthday Mom! LOVE YOU!!!!

Since last mont is over, it's time to, as Jay-Z would say, move "On to da next one". What shallll we make for March? Definitely a pair of socks! Maybe just another plain little cheater anklet pair, but who really likes socks on their calves anyways? They may be pretty, but they slide down all the time...I'll try to come up with something more exciting for you all. Maybe I'll do the two birds/one stone thing and make a pair that are on my "to do, and already cast on" list. For my project to finish I think we'll go with the Orange Dreamcicle Blanket, which right now just looks like a pile of blah. But I promise, it will be interesting. Pictures later. 

Until then, it's only the I'm off to indulge in a little crazy and cast on a hat. :) What hat, you wonder? It's a surprise until I blog again. Ta!

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  1. I vote you finish the Zach socks. And maybe parts of the scarf beast. You know you want to