Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Few Letters

Not much time today, so I'm just posting a few letters that need to go out.

Dear House and Car,
You are dirty, please get on that.

Dear Homework and Laundry,
There is a lot of you, please get on that.

Dear Winter,
Nobody hates you, and we are very glad you arrived this year, even though it was late. But enough is enough already. We were really enjoying all that warm. Could you please go away again? Thanks

Dear Knitting,
You are not very interesting right now, so I am ignoring you. Please don't take it personally. I might cast on something new, you never know! This is what you get for being a tedious scarf. A squishy, wonderful, TEDIOUS scarf...Really. I love you, but not today.

Dear Spring Break,
I know, you can't speed up time, but FREAKING GET HERE ALREADY!

Thank you all-

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