Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wheeeeee....New York!

Wow, what a trip. It's probably the best way to sum it up. We had SO MUCH FUN that I completely forgot my camera existed except for possibly on two occasions, and the pictures from those are all romancy and blah so you don't want to see those...I do need to unpack so I can show you my yarns. But for now, a brief list of events...

-The Hooker Hotel
-Darcy's wedding
-Dim Sum
-The Great Pizza Hunt
-Times Square
-Statue of Liberty...ish
-Katz Deli (and my first Knish)
-Little Italy
-Naps *yay*
-Broadway: Chicago
-Street Meats
-The Empire State Building
-Toy Tokyo
-The Great Hockey Hunt
-Accidental Romantic Dinner
-More Times Square
-Two hours of sleep
-The New York Airport Experience
-Oops I forgot I owned a fish?

It was everything you could ever hope for in a vacation. Dancing, walking, laughing until your sides hurt, no sad moments, every kind of food you could ever want (and then some). I got to have the best piece of pizza I have EVER experienced. I had SO many new foods, I haggled, I shopped, I got offered fake name brands. I also felt a little like Meg Ryan, I ate in the deli from "When Harry met Sally", and I went up to the tippy top of the Empire State Building at midnight with my guy (okay well almost, we decided the last 160 feet for the 102nd floor was kinda silly, and expensive). Did all the touristy things possible, did all the non toursity things we could fit in. Etc Etc etc. I wish every vacation was like this one. I promise to go unpack all my good yarn and souvenirs now, and take post vacation pictures to share with all of you this afternoon. I hope this will get you through until then, it's kinda too much to post all at once. (Plus I want to drag out the reliving it thing.) :)

The really impressive part? We did all of the stuff post Dim Sum on that list in 3 days. According to Zach all that stuff should have taken like 2 weeks. It's okay we did it anyways; and it was FABULOUS!

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