Monday, March 21, 2011

Back to schooool....

For all the parents out there I'm sure this is thrilling news to you. As a student, not so excited. Spring break is over, le sad. I managed to get quite a bit of knitting done at the end there.

As a happy announcement, the orange dream bomb is done! Yay, excitement, happy dance! I accidentally used completely different dye lots in several places, go me. I actually really like the subtle orange striping effect. I put a nice ruffly alpaca border on this bad boy and its now living on my couch. Its fluffy and wonderful. I loved every minute of...psh I hated making it. I'll probably also never make another, but it sure is pretty!

It has also come to my attention, via other blogs, the rav (ravelry), etc etc, that this month is National Crochet Month. Since all my designated Things To Do this month are taken care of, I do believe I will celebrate by picking up some crochet that has been lying around for quite some time. My sparkly wonderful Stella Shawl by Kristin Omdahl. It's kinda just a puddle of sparkly poo right now but this is it:

Any bets as to how long I last before I pick up a new crochet project? I'm thinking probably one evening. I discovered halfway through this project that I'm not the biggest fan of the circular shawl. But I think it will still be quite lovely. If only as a display piece. I'm currently thinking up about 8 other projects that are crochet related that I might be interested in starting...uht oh...

As a little side note, Sam would like you all to know that he is using his blanket and loving it. And that it is also very warm, and he appreciates his handknits. He'd like me to share this with you:

Anyone else celebrating national crochet month? What's on YOUR needles/hooks/looms/spinning wheels? 


  1. I didn't know it was Crochet Month, what a perfect time for me to take it up!

  2. You can tell Sam we're jealous he looks so cozy in his mondo sized blanket.

    I suppose I'm celebrating crochet month by attempting to make consistent squares for my lovely blanket. I have 2 that are almost identical....unfortunately the pattern is holey-er than I thought. Chase says it better be super warm

  3. Those different dye lots on the orange blanket are great! I'll have to remember that--what a great way to use the marked down orphans in the sale baskets!

  4. Yay for finishing the orange blanket! And I have faith that you can complete the Stella Shawl this month. Probably... :D