Thursday, March 24, 2011


I could really use a nap today. But I know that if I lay down for said nap, I probably won't be getting up. Sleeping is one of my stress-coping gets real bad this time of year. Projects and all...

I haven't made much knitting progress on the shawl. I got two more rows done last night. Meaning now I literally only have 8 left before the border. I'm going to do what I can to get closer, but it's looking bleak. It might be getting renamed the shawl what never ends.

It may not be getting done because of all the side projects....I got distracted by my new size 0000's last night and a ball of sock yarn...6 yards later:

Sockbert was born....I love it, its precious, I'm going to keep and treasure it forever. Originally it was going to be a set of earrings but I'm just so thrilled with the little first one that I may not be able to concentrate long enough to make another. I'm also not overtly fond of the color. If anyone else loves it, you can have it to make your own little sockberts. The quarter and penny are shown for scale. I'm going to try to make a more mini version. I'll call it Minibert..or maybe Mighty Sock...(think mighty mouse). We'll see. It's poor form to name children/pets before they're born anyways. You want something that really nails their personality/look. Well, I do. Maybe you don't.

In other news I am working on updating THE LIST of projects. I've decided to give you quarterly updates on the length of the list, the number of finished objects, etc. This way we can all see visible progress. Or recognize that I can't get ahead of my yarn problem. Either way... I'm off to class!


  1. EEE! The little sock is so cute! And wee. But I agree that you probably wouldn't want to wear that color as earrings. It's precious, though.

  2. Holy CARP! That would make my eyes cross.

  3. That sock is ADORABLE! Keychain maybe?

  4. Ha! That's awesome. You have skillz. I wonder if the yarn store would sell earrings like that for you. Or people who cruise ETSY. Of course then you'd have another project to add to THE LIST. Probably not the best idea.

    On another note, I now have the shawl that never ends stuck in my head. It goes on and on my friends.

  5. Wow, that sock is soo cute! You have to do something special with it if you aren't going to make earings.