Monday, February 21, 2011


Just a little bit of bragging, I finished my fun new squishy scarf! I think it will be my "first day of work" scarf since I'm starting a new job tomorrow.

 It's made using 4 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Multi Cotton in Punch. Cast on 20 stitches, K1P1 rib all the way around, slipping the first stitch of every row. Thank you Lily for the inspiration. As a small aside, the last row was quite the adrenaline rush, but I think I called it quits just in time.....

Now, onto the topic for the day!

W.I.P. (work in progress) always makes me think a little bit of R.I.P. Possibly because once something hits that basket there's a good chance it will NEVER get finished. Either that or it will be in limbo FOr-EV-UR (think Sandlot). I made a little list last night of things I had already purchased the yarn and planned out projects for....the total is 40. (YIKES!) What's really bad about that? I'm probably forgetting things. I didn't case the yarn closet to figure it out... The number which I have already cast on but not finished?


Thats a lot. Especially considering I have a *tiny* obsession with blankets. Even more scary? Some of these projects have been in the basket-o-doom for more than two years. AND you know I'll start new things as they strike my fancy. I'm just like that. It's what crafters do. Since it was suggested I provide a list, here it is, in all it's glory, and no particular order, my things to do:

Bead Bracelet, The Purple People Eater (Blanket), Thrumed Mittens, THE BEAST (Blanket), Zach's Socks, Bloomin Cotton Scarf, Dreamcicle Blanket, Robert's half finished woven scarf, Blue mini mochi take to class scarf, a Dragon, a blanket for my brother, January Socks, TicTac Toes- Toe up, The spinning currently on the bobbin, Daisy Chain Blanket, Beyond The Square Motifs-CAL Blanket, Granny Square Blanket, Moth Wings Shrug, Green Bamboo Scarf (another ribbed standard), and a Sunset Ruana.

Note the number of blankets in that list (7, I may have a problem)....

The goal, for now, is to try to finish one pair of socks (a self imposed sock-a-month thing, to try to use up some of my overflowing sock yarn stash), and one project from the list a month. Since we're pretty close to done with February, I decided to pick something smallish and almost finished to set as my goal. I'll be trying to finish the blanket I promised my brother for Christmas. It's halfway  done, I have two HUGE squares left to finish, but I think I can probably do it, if I really buckle down. I'll also be trying to finish up the socks from January, which I half almost halfway done, in a plain old boring ankle sock pattern that I made up myself. Pictures tomorrow!


  1. We already knew that you had a blanket problem... or at least, I did. But I like your plan. You shall have some lovely new knitted socks by the time the year is out, and will have finished a great number of blankets. Probably. I believe you can finish your brother's blanket!

  2. That is quite a list. I have a few too. I crochet only for right now. Trying to teach myself to knit but not turning out well. I have an "animal cracker" baby blanket I am suppose to be doing for a friend at work. Another blanket that I am doing for my daughter. A hat that I have tried and frogged twice now cause it turned out too big. Last weekend I came up with a chart to make my hubby a Chicago Bears blanket but I need to really think about that one first. Maybe we can cheer each other along to get some of these done.