Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When it rains, it pours....

So I am currently dealing with a *teensy* personal crisis in which I am going to have to pack a bag and haul myself halfway across the country. But other than that....well I wish I could say life is good, but to be honest things are a little hectic today. If it was possible for things to go wrong, so far they have, and yes, its only 9 am. (I think the universe has decided to gang up on me, if this is karma, I'm sorry to whoever I wronged) I'm trying to stay positive but at this point I think I might just take a few advil and go have a little lie down for a while....

On a happier note, after 3 hours of sewing in ends, I am now exactly 75% done with the blanket I promised my brother. This blankets the progeny of a little exhaustion and a crazy graph paper doodle that occurred while I was helping him with his spanish homework. While he and I were working out the details on the proposed blanket (color, etc), he mentioned that it would be really nice if he could have a blankie where he just wrapped up, without having to stretch it out and pin it down with his feet (he's on the tallish side). I made the brilliant decision to whip up a 7ft x 7ft blanket. You know, no biggie.

It was going beautifully until I was a point where, 8 stitches from the end of a row on the last row of the color section, this happened:

If you look closely you'll notice there's only a smidgen of yarn left. This irritates me to no end...I hate joins with a passion. And if the time spent weaving in ends is any indication, the idea of having another to deal with? Not so exciting. But I forged bravely onwards, joined the stupid yarn, and kept knitting.

Then...two sections of brown later? It happened again. This time 12 stitches from the end. After some swearing and the decision that something was up, I just joined ALL the brown skeins ahead of time and wrapped them into one big blob to save myself the delays the darning needle hunt kept providing. This is the current state of the blanket:

(Yes, its on display in the kitchen floor, no there's not really enough space there for it so its a tidgen scrunched up. I've accepted my tiny crap-partment. But I live alone so nobody else cares that this is currently where the blanket is still laying)

I was all excited that I was almost done and I had made stellar progress and I would DEFINITELY finish this by the end of February, HAHA TAKE THAT KNITTING, when I got the call that I needed to take a teensy trip today. Since I'm not going to be back until Saturday, this severely hinders the possibility that this will get finished. Mostly because a huge blanket is not really good plane knitting. I'm going to work on it between packing and things until I leave.

On the bright side now I can definitely finish some socks this month! Those are certainly small enough to cram in a bag to take on a plane. Or maybe I will go to the yarn store and buy something new to take with me....I know it would be more logical to work on some of the scarves that I have laying around the house half finished but I live alone, no one else cares about them right? Hmmmm....thoughts?


  1. I think socks because god knows you don't need to go out and buy more yarn. On the other hand, maybe a nice new project will keep you from choking the "personal emergency" and staying patient and calm. Your call, really

  2. wish I could knit on needles, but i can't ;-( but I can appreciate it :-) I love the blanket and that color combo is one of my favs!! Looks like you are off to a good bloggy start!!

    Courtney AKA Cajunhillbilly from Ravelry

  3. I second Lily even though it totally doesn't matter since you're on your way home. I lurve your brother's blanket. After we (you me and lily) talked I found 3 excellent blanket patterns I want to try and two are beast squares, which a pain to sew together can be taken in the car on my many trips back and forth to your neck of the woods.