Sunday, February 20, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

I suppose it's time, both for my boyfriend's sanity (let's be honest, he doesn't really CARE about the knitting, but he does care about me, so he listens, and pretends he's really very interested) and my desperate need for company, to start a little blog. I've been inspired by The Yarn Harlot to start my own "Blog". Mostly because I look forward to having a little yarn-venture with her on a regular basis, and also because she has proven that there are a few people that really do want to know about what I'm knitting.

This feels a little silly, but I suppose in time I will get used to it.

For now I have a few little goals, and I'm hoping you all will help me achieve it.

1. Be held accountable for the WIP basket (it's huge, and its overflowing) and the projects in it. Maybe with some people to harass me more projects will get finished than get started?

2. Make some new friends!

3. Learn some new techniques.

For now this is just a little intro, but I'll start posting projects soon! (whenever I manage to find my charger for my digital camera) Ta for now!



  1. You should have a list of what's in the WIP basket. Or at least a list of the most pressing projects...

  2. Caitlin - when are we going to see the basket... am worried that it is only a basket, what do you hide behind your sofas?