Sunday, February 27, 2011

Planes, Trains, and Cars

Replace trains with wheelchairs and you'll have an adequate description of my Saturday morning. At 4:30 AM Zach and I woke up to hop a plane to Salt Lake City, then to have him wheeled (at a high speed I might add) by a nice man in an airport uniform across the airport to our next flight. Once we landed in Denver, we then hopped a bus, rented a car, and drove to a nice lunch, then home. All this took until noon, or 7 hours, including the time change. Or this long:

If you include a hot cocoa break, a long walk, a short nap, and a couple stare out the window moments.

This must have taken it out of me, because I had a blonde moment this morning. My camera kept screaming that it was the battery was "exhausted"... and I kept wondering HOW something that was plugged into the base and charging could be exhausted! After a few minutes of swearing, a deep breath, and a look around I realized that the problem might be this:

 Oops...after plugging it in the camera stopped screaming at me, and things went much more smoothly.

I reconfigured the Triana scarf to make it fit my scarfly needs better. Instead of 12 stitches, I pulled the whole thing out and cast on 6. After several miles of garter stitch later, the result was much more to my taste. Especially since the first version (okay well second, there was a moment where I thought 24 stitches would be reasonable and ended up with a big washcloth) was only about cowl-length. This is the finished product:

(Yes everything gets modeled on the couch, turns out that is the only part of my crap-partment with decent lighting. The flash on my camera makes things look funny colors.)

I also finished the next square for the CAL (crochet-along) that I am doing over on Ravelry.

Which puts me one square closer to being done with my CAL blanket.  Yay! I'm using the leftover yarn from the blanket commonly known as the BEAST to whip these cuties up. If you would like to join in the CAL you can do so here. (This is a Ravelry link, so if you aren't already a member you should join up, its free!) It's motif #88 from Edie Eckman's Beyond The Square Crochet Motifs. Just so you are aware, Edie is also part of the CAL on Ravelry. 

Since getting home I have noticed a few things. 

1) I have really strange neighbors... the person down the hall from me has lawn chairs set up outside. The strange part being that he has several onions piled up in one of them. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this could be for?

2) The reason my house is messy is because of yarn. It appears I have started several projects in the last few days, and left them all lying about the living room while I moved on to bigger and better things.

3) Unpacking your suitcase in the middle of the kitchen floor in the attempt to find a toothbrush leaves you very unmotivated to actually do anything with the things you've pulled out of said suitcase other than kick them aside and ignore them.

4) If you go to the yarn store as a last minute "going on a trip" thing, to give yourself something to do on the plane, bad things happen. Especially if you are stressed about said trip. I think I must have passed out, or fallen and hit my head or something. Upon sitting down to write this I noticed that while at the yarn store this had happened:

Erm...whooops? So much for using up yarn and not buying it. What you see sitting so innocently there is 3 skeins of Berroco Seduce in color "4486" or, as I like to call it, pixie dust. 3 skeins of Schulana Mosco in color 26, I call this "shimmery purple"; and skeins of Bouton D'Or Songe in color 876, which again, I find boring, so I have decided to call it Confetti. Project for these bad boys forthcoming.

As a side note, its February 27th...blanket? What blanket?


  1. The lighting in your apartment really is not ideal. I know for a fact that your couch is a charming shade of coffee brown, not what-the-hell-kind-of-color-is-that green.

    Also, you should not go to the yarn store while stressed. Ever. Because all the soft, fuzzy things make you happier, so you take them home with you, so they can make the stress better. Oh well, too late now!

  2. I probably should have tried to stop you, huh? ^_^;