Friday, February 25, 2011

OOO what's that?

I'm having a lovely snow day in the middle of Nevada. Which would be fine if I had been smart enough to bring a heavier coat. But alas, I was not, so I am relearning the meaning of "freezing your buns off." Go me. I also, in the attempt to be "smart" brought my tiny computer, which I forgot was not very easy to type on, so bear with the grammar/spelling slips today.

For all of you that were wondering, an angiogram takes this long:
 start to finish....

and yes, this includes stopping to talk to all the surgeons that walk by to say things like "my you look busy!" or  "and what are we making today?" I was forced to fight the urge to respond to that last one with "I'm making toe cozies! What are YOU making?", mostly because I was very confused by the "we".

One of my favorite things about knitting in public is sitting there and watching all the funny looks you get. In the airport this kid sitting across from me kept looking up and staring, then when he noticed what I was making, grinning, and looking away embarrassed (apparently that word has two r'si n it? I've been spelling it wrong for years!). The flight attendant kept making a special point to stop and look in on my progress. Granted this all could have been because during the flight I was not working on socks, but on this:

(pardon the blur, one can only do so much with the shivers and a camera phone)

Which is made using the ever-exciting Triana yarn in purples. It makes me think of a sea anemone, and I love it. You can ask Zach, who has been listening to me dance around singing about ruffles, he will verify. It would be done but it's not a long enough scarf for my liking. I may pull it out and reknit it with less stitches across. Especially since I pulled an oops and somehow didn't correctly estimate the amount of yarn I would need to keep me busy during my little adventure, so I'm perilously close to out (yes, I know 2 skeins of bamboo and a whole sock kit isn't really all that close, doesn't prevent me from panicking).

Anyways I'm off to do some laundry and be a good boyfriend-sitter.  How is everyone else?


  1. That scarf is even more exciting than I imagined! That's so cute. And the socks are definitely being made out of the yarn for your mom's clap. I remember distinctly. I'm sorry you forgot to bring a coat. But you're coming back tomorrow morning, so presumably you can warm up then, right?

  2. and until then I am living in Zach's jackets. :)

  3. Dude! it was freakin' crazy how much snow we got! hooray for socks :)

  4. I KNOW! I had to drive the monster truck in it....Zach laughed at me. But I think its totally reasonable to be uncomfortable in something you need a ladder to get in to.

  5. I definitely agree. What if you had to jump out in a hurry? You could do some serious damage!

  6. Not in the snow we had, Lily. Chase offered to come pick me up at work.