Friday, September 9, 2011


I've been blogging in my head all week...It just never made it to the publish phase.

I've been ferociously trying to catch up to Lily with the fronts of my Runcorn....I am now only 10 rows behind. Which I totally wouldn't be if I hadn't fallen asleep at 6 last night due to exhaustion of the homework kind. (everything's of a certain kind now, thank you Bessel equations)

I really really really want this to be done yesterday. Not because its bad, I really do love the knit. But because its finally starting to get cold and it's only so much fun to take the dog out if you don't have a selection of fun hand-knit sweaters to pick from.

Which means that I really need to finish up my damn  lovely Christmas knitting so I can get back to knitting myself sweaters.

I've finished some Christmas knitting, but as the person I knit for reads the blarg...well...I can't show you. But I can tell you its delightfully squishy and I'm jealous. I might have to make myself one too. oooo or maybe mittens...hmmmm....

I've also been furiously washing and spinning up some dog hair (EW) and alpaca so I can knit my dad a miniature of our dog for christmas. Let's just say that Aimee reallllly likes the smell of farm animal and leave it at that.

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  1. Yay for progress on the Runcorn! But boo for the smelly alpaca. Silliness.