Saturday, September 24, 2011




I spent the rest the week working on facecloths for mom (as requested by mom).

She picked 2 colors of cotton for herself and 2 for someone else, I worked until I was out of fuzzy yarns. This yielded a *mere* 20 facecloths.

Lets just say I'm a little face-clothed out.
But! If you decide you want some, because they are apparently the bee's knees, heres what I did:

1 skein cotton of your choice (I used blue sky alpaca)
1 skein bernat pipsqueak, or other type chenille
Crochet hook, size Q(19)

Be sure both your skeins are machine washable!
Finished measurements: 8"x8"

make basic Single crochet square, using 2 yarns as 1.

if you don't know how to do this:

make slip knot, chain 12, turn, SC in each chain
*CH1 at end, turn, SC in each st across* repeat until desired size.

After this I did a SC border in the cotton only.

as an aside on the personal life: school is SOH busy. Aimee is a little crazy with the weather changing, and i could really use a time-turner from out of harry potter. If you happen to know where I could pick one of those bad boys up, holler please?

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  1. I'd like a time turner as well! But I probably don't need one as badly as you do. The Runcorn looks nice! I'm back to the shoulder shaping on the fronts on mine. Woo for progress!